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First time dealing with bugs


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So as the title indicate I have a miracle outdoor plant (Miracle because at the end of October I bought my house and a buddy just tossed a seed in the yard and a few weeks later my sent me a pic of it growing wanting to what the story was.) But the reason for the post is I can't identify the bugs from the plant problem sticky, they look like a cluster of tiny snail shells..picture coming shortly, if anyone could help me out I'd appreciate it


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I cant say at all for sure, the little green things look like aphids, but even that is hard to tell from the pic you provided. The snails?? Got me there, but, iffin it looks like a snail, then maybe see iffin it barks like a snail,, if it does, well, must be a snail

Cheers friend


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Clean up on aisle 4!!...:19:...on a more serious note...wipe and rinse those buggar's away... and to be safe...maybe a neem oil or equivalent natural deterrent foliar treatment to follow...just before lights out...cheerz...h00k...:Hookah:
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