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First time flowering cycle help


Hello everybody,

First of all I want to thank this forum for helping me reach this far on my first grow. Well, I had the leave her for a month just after I switched her to flowering cycle 12/12(I asked my friend to water her according to the instructions I left him). Before I leave I used to LST her about every 4-5 days. I found her like this, and what do you guys think ,is she looking good ? (sorry about the blurple lights,but I can assure there are no color deformaitons). Is it a good idea to continue training her? I don't really have any idea to even out the canopy as she already filled out the tent.
-Strain: she is a bagseed
-Tent: 80x80x180 cm / 3x3x6
-Light: 200w cob LED blurple lights
-Soil: Biobizz all mix
-Nutes: I use GH triopack and I follow the diagram with 3/4 scale to prevent nute burn. I switched to flowering scale after first week of flowering. It's been about a month since I switched her to flowering.

Thank you in advance for your help

Bonus question: is it too late to clone right? haha :)


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