First Time Fluxing

Such a great thread created by @InTheShed ive put it in my sig!
Modest your girls are looking great! Can we get a pic of the whole room by chance?
Thanks, I'm pretty happy for my first return grow. Full confession, the largest WW is looking rough again. The buds look nice but the same branches as before are yellow and droopy. I'd be more concerned but I plan to coast to harvest and the other ladies seem very happy so it is what it is.

I have been trying to take some pics of each out in more natural light but I should take a group pic in the tent. I used to turn the red and blue spectrum down on my LED for pics but the white spectrum has uv and IR. One of them appears to be picked up by my camera (could be totally wrong).
My Dabpress was waiting for me when I got home from work today. Discreet packaging. No questions from the wife on what or how much. I just wanted to make sure everything was there and plug it in once. I'll have plenty of time to make sure I know how to run it while waiting for harvest and cure. :yahoo:

The wife and I are taking a couple days off to go on a short get away. I will be back by Saturday but I gave all the plants a much needed watering and feeding. Here are the 2 babies that show promise. One of the pink kush probably won't make it but I still have a few PK seeds left so all is well.

I did quite a bit of trimming to uncover more bud sites and help with airflow. I know some people wouldn't cut leaves this late in flowering but for me it is like they are sun bathing
My Dabpress was waiting for me when I got home from work today.
Nice piece of kit right there! :)

Hope all is well with you, and the trip went well. Thanks for the updates with the photos, things are looking to come along really nice! And the first WW, that had some issues, seems to at least not be keeling over completely, it seems a bit more yellow but that is it. The rest of the ladies are looking stunning !!! The Pineapple Express looks damn sticky, and the Franco seems to be responding well to the fluxing, the BlueDream have a good healthy lighter shade of green on the new growth. Good stuff mate!!
So I have been failing miserably at clones since restarting to grow. I just don't give them the love and attention they need or deserve.

First, I tried without rooting powder, then I tried with it. Both fails and I used to have an insanely high success rate.

Anyways, I tried just dropping some tomato cuttings in water and....100% success rate even with tiny cuttings. So I will be trying this with Franco.

I've found that some strains will root in water some say piss off and die. :)

What have you changed since you were having success?

Good info, @InTheShed the only thing I can think of is attention. I used to be in college and had more opportunities to check in compared to now with a full time 9 to 5. I do also think I have been taking small cuttings which may be the real reason. I've never tried in water before so it was intriguing to me and then these tomato cuttings all rooted with zero attention or effort haha.
I use the beez0404 method which needs very little attention with a few modifications I made. My success rate is close to 100% now.

The main change I made is I use Dip'n Grow rooting liquid for my cuttings. The other mods I made were straight distilled water, and I don't de-dome the way beez does, I just tip the domes back a bit after 7 days, and then a bit more a few days later, and so on. I'm not in the rush he is for roots.
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