First Time Grow 1200 Watt


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Hello everyone this will be my first time growing . I will be growing 3 strain in big roots soil .the strains I have chosen are sundae driver, jr mints and sweeties all of them are clones .. i will be using nectar of the god full line.. and have a 4x8 grow tent with 2 600 watts hps and a 424 exhausted fan that i will be using to pull the air threw my carbon filter then threw my 2 light to keep them cool . I also have a veg room were i will be vegging them first befor i threw them into flower . I been watch people and study for over 2 years so hey i figure its my turn now i hope to learn and take advice and advantage form all u knowledgeable growers .peace out and i hope you enjoy
So today i went out and got a 4x8 flood table to veg on. Seem easier to water and set a slope so the run off goes down one way .. i also put up a cheap knock off led light off Amazon said its a 1k watt but i dont think so .. let me kno do you guys think i shud stick with the t5 or use the led i want to let them veg out 4 weeks this is only day 5 since i got them
Thanks guys iam going with 3 gal grow bags i check my clones to see if the roots were growing good and they were shooting threw my drain hole I made in the solo cup so i transplanted them today and my nutes came in today so i got busy cant keep my hands clean i love it here are some pic
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