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First Time Grow - Bag Seed In Soil With CFLs - Indoor


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This is my first attempt growing cannabis. I am starting this journal mid-grow, but will try to keep it detailed and updated. I will probably do individual posts, then edit the original post to contain everything after harvesting. I will give details, explanations, and descriptions below; here are my starting specs:

Strain: Bagseed (Most from 1 Gorilla Glue nug..all from pretty high grade)
Lights: (4) 6500k 23w CFLs and (2) 2700k 23w CFLs (Using for veg...couldn't afford my next round of bulbs/adapters yet)
Pot size: 2' x 1' x 2' (Around .8-1 cubic foot of soil in there..to 5-6" depth)
Medium: Foxfarm Ocean Forest Potting Soil
Nutrients: Foxfarm Dirty Dozen (found for $70 at local store! $20-40 cheaper than online, and no shipping)

This is my first attempt growing cannabis. The enclosure was made out of an old room humidifier that had already been gutted of all parts. It was being used by my roommate as storage/furniture..it was also about to become trash to him, and I saw it as a perfect design to convert into a stealth box...I mean it already fucking looks like something instead of being a tent/bigass-wooden-box, and it already had a spot on the back with a grill where I could easily mount an exhaust fan..plus the super easy to open top. Been working on and modifying my designs basically 1-2 times a week since germinating these bastards, but am more and more happy with it every time. Only major cons are the very limited space...


^Full enclosure, lid closed.


^Here you can see the lid opened..very handy. Also, it's not attached to the hinges but can easily be lifted off once opened. Again, very handy.

The box is 2' x 1' x 2' (2 feet width, 1 feet length, 2 feet height). But, the soil is around 5-6" deep, only giving 18" from soil to ceiling when closed...that's not figuring in the size of the lights that will be there. I honestly feel enclosure is best for tube fluorescents or anything that won't intrude depth as much, but I definitely did not have money to get started with anything much more than I already have..shit, I've spent way too much already for what I can afford. Hopefully I can get some decent yields in here without having to flower WAY too early. I don't like the idea of a plant growing straight into flowering cycles...so many hours of light absorption missed!

I got these seeds from a mix of 2-3 buds over a few weeks..9 of them came from one Gorilla Glue nug lol (which was VERY dank, but fucking packed with seeds..I didn't complain :D). I ended up with 14 viable seeds total and germinated 10 at random, so I have no idea which are gorilla glue specifically. I wish I kept them aside from the other random bagseed..oh well.

I can't remember, and honestly have no idea how many plants I have right now, but I think 9 of the 10 seeds germinated, and all have sprouted/stayed alive. One got WRECKED by a light that was far too close for a day or two (oops), but I decided not to toss it. I never knew if it would recover or be worth anything, and if it did I figured it would be tiny/way behind. It actually recovered SUPER well after providing mild nutrients and really looking after it with loving care..it's hard to explain how fast it seemed to jump back and be healthy after how close to death it looked. It was wrecked by the heat damage.

I've been writing this shit and uploading pics while doing things at home all day, so excuse if it feels out of order or chaotic to read. Oh and I started drinking a bit ago. I'll edit as needed when I get time/sobriety.

Here are the first pictures I seem to have! These seedlings are on day 3-4 after being put into soil. Notice the stretching..I had not gotten my full lights yet. I think I started with (2) 23w 2700k CFLs that emit 1600 lumens each, and maybe 1 more bulb that I salvaged from the pantry, probably 800-1200 lumens max. At the time, I found it IMPOSSIBLE to source local 6500k 23w CFL 100w equivalents. I still have never seen a local CFL be over 23w without being dimmable. I bought those 23w bulbs, a few socket adapters, power strip, and a small fan a few years back when I first tried to grow. That became unsustainable after a couple days where I was trying, so I put the idea on hold.




(WEEK 1 DAY 3)
So I do have 9 plants! I'd forgotten since transplanting hahaha. After transplanting everything into one container it didn't seem to matter to me how many plants there were. They just make a full canopy across the available space. I haven't thought about it as taking care of 9 individual plants...I'm taking care of the whole garden, so the number left my mind.

You saw that 3 plants got a better starting pot, and 6 of them were in water bottles cut in half..This definitely affected plant size into weeks 2-3, and when I DID transplant I noticed the water bottles usually had root structure all over against the sides trying to get out. There was a solid portion of time where I was considering finding a home for all the 6 smaller plants and lowering my grow to 3 main plants. Glad I didn't, especially since I don't know any plant sexes.

On with the transplant:

(WEEK 3 DAY 2)
^This is an image showing the top view after deciding to fill the entire container with soil and transplant all plants into it...wasn't perfect with placement, but I wanted to handle the plants and roots very carefully and minimally.

Here are a few images that show the plants after transplanting. The one left in the bottle was the super heat damaged plant, so I didn't feel it was worth putting here..I don't know why I kept it, I thought it was dead/worthless. This is already much after it had recovered, but it was sooo small/shitty compared to the other 8 plants I thought it would not be able to push past the canopy, or live to be more than a tiny mutant giving 2g of midgrade..really glad I kept it, so far. Seems healthy now.




(WEEK 3 DAY 2)

WEEK 3 DAY 7 pics coming

and WEEK 3 DAY 9 pics coming..I need a smoke break :)

here's one from today while I take break, so you can see the progress.

I'm thinking about triggering flowering stage within a week..maybe the next couple days. Would definitlely appreciate opinions and tips on trimming and when to trigger flowering with these..I'm thinking of doing some FIM trims on the tallest centers.


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What I'm really wondering right now is what do I need to do for training to utilize this small space with so many plants....I'm worried I need to learn and act pretty fast if I want desirable training effects for maximizing potential here. I plan to flower within the week since the box is so small. Maybe 2-3 weeks if I can train low growth effectively, but I feel it would be counterproductive to take up so much mass inside this small thing.

When I transplanted the 3 strongest plants that started in bigger pots got put in a row down the middle with the smaller plants filling gaps on each side..I left some extra room on the left just in-case and to start other plants in here..probably should have used it when transplanting these in here, but I know the roots will find it!!

Here is what I THINK I did when I planted this shit:

Not 100% sure that's right, I'd have to trace the stems and check back..I kinda went by feel and rotated the plants according to which direction they were growing since they had a really weak start from uneven and low lumen lighting..they were stretching and reaching directionally pretty bad. So, how the plants were in height/size and direction they were reaching affected each spot a bit as I transplanted. I went by feel as a novice, however, and immediately afterward I tried to gently bend the stems and even on a couple VERY lightly snap the stems to get the plants to reach and center where I wanted...I was mostly trying to get them apart evenly and to prevent 1 plant from completely smothering and hiding any others.

Would ScrOG be the thing to do here? I have never trimmed or trained any plant besides trimming rose bushes to be "out of the way"..FIM sounds very interesting, and as I understand it: where 1 point would focus into 1 big cola, you can trim into the node to create 4 potential growth sites below? Maybe I misunderstand, as I read a fuckton of various information in 30 different internet browser tabs over the course of hours and hours straight (I'm fucking obsessed with this hobby :circle-of-love:. Probably very heavily weighs in on the fact that I am a medicinal user of cannabis who is straight up physically non-functional without it, and these plants are soooooo loving in energy. It gives me the biggest smiles to see them happy and doing well, and I truly feel you can just tell if they are happy or uncomfortable plants, and they react warmly to tender care.)...I could just be mixing shit up in my head, or misinterpreting the floods of information I'm trying to cram into my mind. These things really do grow fast, even though it takes months. I can't keep up with them sometimes.

The ScrOG method is seeming like something worth doing for this box, given the small size and high number of plants sharing the same environment. I'm not familiar with growing anything yet, but I'm hoping the plants don't completely stunt/stop trying to gain size after they all entangle and discover the still moderately small soil space...just a random worry. I have right under 1 cu ft shared to 9 plants.

Thanks so much for any comments or advice!! I'll try to either finish posting the images so far I've taken tonight or tomorrow, but I'm also planning to share my written notes of nutrient blends and feedings..trying to watch what it's doing first :)


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No, not really. I'm going to be overwhelmed in flowering, that's for sure lol. I was considering raising the height 1-1.5 feet, but it's still very narrow. I think my best bet would be to build a full size flowering cabinet, or get a tent and just use this as a starting box. For now I'm going to finish this crop in there and learn from it. I know it's FLOODED with plants for the small space, but I'm curious as to how this will turn out...also want to make sure I still have some going after sexing.


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So I found there's a time limit to editing posts..oh well!

Decided to do some topping today. The middle 3 plants are very noticeably bigger, more robust, and taller than the other 6. I can't wait to see these all grow into each other lol, it's going to be mega crowded. They are already slamming into the walls.

Here are some photos!


^Topview before any trimming.


^Sideview of the canopy.


^First plant before trimming.


^First plant after trimming.


^2nd pre-trim


^2nd post-trim


^3rd pre-trim


^3rd post-trim


^The scraps (might make tea out of curiosity/boredom)


^Height check..it varies between 5-7"


^I rearranged the light bulb pattern as the canopy is filling in. The other bulb pattern was because that's how I could most effectively light them when I was doing different patterns in the pots before transplanting.


^Temp check..It varies between 70-78 different times of day. Never above 80 if I keep my closet door slightly cracked. Definitely can get warm with the door closed and the fan not high enough..seen around 90 before! (Now that I think of it, this temp is slightly high from the lights being close when I set them aside to work in there.)

Planning to flower immediately after I think they've recovered enough from topping. So...2-7 days?

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Hope all is well in your world.

Is this grow still alive?

We would love to be updated with some pictures and info.

How about posting a 420 Strain Review?

If you need any help with posting photos, please read our Photo Gallery Tutorial.

I am moving this to Abandoned Journals until we get updates.

Sending you lots of love and positive energy.

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