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First Time Grow - Cabinet Set Up


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The yellowing of the leaves on the rooting clones is a good thing. It will happen in soil as well. It's signs of the plant eating itself to make new roots. As long as they don't get too wilted your good.

I would suggest asking a mod to move this into the grow journal forum if your going to do regular updates on the grow.
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Hello everyone! Back again with an eventful update.

Here is the 5 clones in the bubbler. Time to get rid of the weakest link.

I️ only have room for 3. Although I️ only see two with enough roots. I’ll experiment again. Two with good roots (very yellow tops) and one with little roots (but still green top).

Time for the 5 soil clones.

The middle and bottom left are not doing as good as the other 3, so like the bubbler clones. I️ will be killing (or getting rid of as they are dead) 2 soil clones.

That leaves me with 3 soil clones and 3 clones from the bubbler transplanted into soil today.

Time for the main event!

Day 43 GDP Mother

I️ really should change my nutrients more often. Just did so tonight.

Mixed 100% strength recommended nutrients on the box into 1 gal. Then added 1 gal distilled water. Should make it 50% strength.

Oh and I’m switching to bloom nutrients now. But won’t flip to 12/12 until day 50. I️ want to see how she takes the nutrients for a few days. Might flip earlier if she likes it.

10 ml BioThrive Bloom
5 ml CaMg+
10 ml Bio root
2 ml Bio bud.

(No bio marine this time. See if we get less burn)

Oh and she got defoliation on day 41

And then we have the 2 seedlings (White rhino + Snow White)

They look the same. A tiny bit bigger. Won’t bore you with them yet.

Here is the cabinet with all the clones and seedlings together.The bubbler took a lot of space, so I’m glad I️ put that away.

They will only be together for a few more days until it’s time for the GDP Mother to flower


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Good progress. I can see wanting to get rid of the bubbler for more space. Couple tips some of the clones look like they have heat burn. Maybe the bubbler was a little tall? Without roots they can't take in water to cool themselves. They need a humid environment to take it in through their leaves. Like 75%+ humid kinda thing. That's why you see everyone with clear cups or plastic bags over top of seedlings.
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All the clones had a humidity dome, even te bubbler. I️ would spray they dome once or twice a day.

They just aren’t in the pictures so you can see everything. I️ just think I️ took too small a clone on the bubbler. The soil clones had long stems buried in the soil and lot of leaves.

My opinion is the bubbler clones ate themselves up too quickly and the water had no nutrients. That’s why I️ put into soil today, I️ think they need some fox farm ocean forest soil nutes.

I’m not very worried about it though, I️ have said it many times in this thread that this is a learning experience for me.


I️ still have 12 fem seeds left if clones arnt my thing. grand daddy Purple, white rhino, Snow White (got 4 of each left)
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First of all, Hi everyone!
Let start with an apology, Sorry! Have been really lazy and stoned and stop taking pictures and even writing down what we was doing everyday lol.

I’m fairly sure I flipped the GDP in the hydroponics on day 55.
So today should make it day 8 of flower?
Whatever, shouldnt bee that far off.

Now to the veg room!

The White Rhino and Snow White seedlings are on Day 22. They got topped a few days ago, don’t remember exactly when.

All 3 of the GDP clones that survived in the bubble cloner and transplanted into the soil are still alive.

Only one clone that was put straight into soil with cloneX is alive (smallest blue cup)

I was just going through the Grow Journals here and come across yours and I’ve been exactly where you are right now Brother Grower. You are on your way to a bigger space these days you can get a good tent 4X4 for under $200.00 Can. I’m set for a good while after a few years of updating my Gear. From what I see here you are a Natural Brother. :goodjob: If you ever need any assistance or have questions about Indoor Soil Grows ask away. Don. ✌️ Out. :Namaste: :Namaste:

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Hope all is well in your world.

Is this grow still alive?

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I am moving this to Abandoned Journals until we get updates.

Sending you lots of love and positive energy.