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First time grow I need advice


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I am finally a homeowner! What better way to celebrate than with my first grow! It's going to be in my attic I live in a ranch home. So minimal space. I ordered 3 auto flowering seeds of New York diesel, 1 seed of Critical diesel , 1 Og Kush seed and they threw in 2 more auto flowering. I'm interested in on of those hydroponic grow boxes from dealzer. It's 3 feet high by 2 feet long by 2 feet high and comes with everything for 600$ it's just for personal use for my wife and I. I need to be discreet and out of sight. That's why I was thinking that box it comes with leds the fan the pump everything

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Might want to think twice about that one as you have limited height issue & some other questionable stuff... more likely not great for yield either, sorry to sound pessimistic on that one.

More likely better options out their tho & we need to play around with some idea's to get a bigger picture.

So how big is the attic height, width, length etc as a starting point.

Oh by the way a spare room or basement can be done quiet well for stealth as well just keep the door closed etc but really depends on ya view of stealth or related problems/issue's to which requires stealth ?


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I agree with fuzzy, thats a real small box. You can build one very simply, if you give more details on the space dimensions then it would be simpler to advise. A room would certainly be a better option. You want at least 5' of head height for anything remotely decent.


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Yeah, I would agree. I would say if you had a basement or spare room, it would have more space. I have problems with Attics as they store extra heat and air circulation is limited.

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Yep. 2'x2' is a tight space, but with some height, you could harvest something. Adding that 3' height to the spec' scares me off no matter how good the rest of it is.
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