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First time grow in need of help


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Ive been growing since may 28th. This is my first grow with a Advanced Auto Biodiesel Mass Autoflowering Feminised Seed. Ive been using the fox farm trio, I started using the trio in late june to early july. Iv been feeding half the recomended dose throught the whole cycle using half a gallon to a full gallon once every week sometimes 2 weeks depending on the dose. I also used a 600 watt LED light that went from had two cylces

1. Iv just seen where it says its 60-70 (mainly 67) days from seed to finish. If thats the case its 9-4-2015, so its been ATLEAST 100 days.. If thats the case could that hurt in anyway?(Potency,taste,THC levels?)
2. Also about two weeks ago I trimmed thenfuck out of it, & came to relize I shouldnt have cut some of the main leaves. But the lights hit them a lot better after I had trimmed the leaves.
3. If I can continue should I hit them with the tiger bloom fertilizer, or keep using big bloom. (I used the fertlizer around a month ago & went back to big bloom)
3. Also this is the only form I could figure out how to use, can someone send me a link of where yall actually discuss this?

Anyways can anyone give me advise, do I need to go ahead and cut her down or wait until early october. I thought it was 60-70 days after it started to flower. Am I wrong or have I let them grow way to long, and is leaving them growing a bad thing?

Heres what I found
(Advanced Biodiesel has an excellent pedigree with auto critical and auto diesel genetics. The result is a massive yield of super strong bud in only 9-10 weeks from sowing.) Its had an extra month and some...
Came from an online article

Photos from the start..

June 11 (around 2 weeks)



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