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First time grow needing a little help


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so i have bought everything i need just about

what i have

50 liters canna coco natural.
10 liters plant pots.
600 watt hps + reflector and ballast.

(dont know if i will use this but cool tube reflector)

5 inch extractor fan and carbon filter.
canna coco a + b.
rhizo tonic.
canna zym.
canna boost.
ec tester and ph tester.

going to buy today.

4 inch intake fan.
hydrometer. and thermometer.

do i need anything else to get started and finished. and not need to buy anything else later.


whats the best way to germinate seeds in the canna coco natural? and do i need nutes to germinate?

i have used soil and sun outside before but never hydro


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:welcome: fuzzy

Sounds good to go.
You don't need an intake fan but an oscillating fan and a timer.

I soak my beans for 12 -24hr in a little water with a drop rizotonic.
1/2 inch in coco watered in with 30ml tap with some rizo is good for some days.
after that I water with 25% nute strength for a week than rising.
Rizo and enzyme can be 100% from day 1.


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thanks for your reply darkgrow

the guy in the local hydro hop said just get an oscillating fan and timer

so i got them and hydro/thermometer and a contractor for my hps
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