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First Time Grow - The Incredible Bulk Feminized


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More light is almost always a good thing. What are you going to do with the new girls while you wait for these to finish?

More light is the best thing i've done in this room lol, so glad to have more power, one of the ballasts is burned out I think but otherwise 2x 600w hps lights to add. I have my clones and bag seed in the kitchen cupboard right now, i'm in the process of dividing my room to make a veg area for them. I'm going to be very busy tonight, will get some pics of the room up soon.


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Day 52... I think

The reason I'm not sure about what day of flowering I'm at is because I started the count down from the day I switched to the 12/12 cycle and it seems a lot of people choos to call it from the first day they see flowering... I'm sure I saw flowers at the 7 day point and beleive that puts me a week further away from the 8 week mark I have now. I read many times that this strain can go a little longer to mature, 8 to 10 weeks! In that case I could actually be at most 3 weeks away from harvest lol instead of like next week according to timing.

Milky trichomes :cool: I've noticed this just in the last couple of days and is now very obvious to the naked eye, it is spreading quickly too. I will get some good pictures up tonight.

Last night all the 150 watt HPS lights were removed, in their place is 2x 600W lights and 1x 400W Lumatek Digital Ballast, all duel spec bulbs and Euro Reflectors. I have spread them across the room to help control temps as two lights right next to each other drove temps up very, the spike happened much later after I put the lights in but because I was in and out of the room to check all the time I caught it before any real damage could be done.


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I promise I'll get to grips with photos and sizing on here.. one day.
I use a separate photo app. I just grabbed a screenshot of your pic, size it & clean up in the app and save it to upload on here.
With all my garden pictures... As long as I snap a clear/unshaky picture, I can zoom it up later on the app to straighten it out. I've pulled a few "close-ups" that were turned into "macro" tricome shots with a simple resize.



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I've used those kind of apps before, handy but with my crappy 5s phone can be very fiddly and a lot of hassle. A camera with macro would be ideal.


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Just a few pics of my Incredible monster crops, well one of them is a monster/mutant lol, my wee black domina bag seed and other early seedlings Critical kush, Cookies kush and Super bud, these pictures were taken yesterday, all but 1 seed of 20 have sprouted today, the last has half risen and has a shell over its head, closed tighly too, wasnt sure what to do so kept it moist assuming this would help the shell soften more.


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Day 62

Everyday is more yellowing of leaves and trichomes becoming milky, still not sure if I'm even seeing a single amber right now but always on the look out spending plenty of time inspecting as many bud sites. I have only been giving fresh water to them for over 9 days now, worried it was too soon now but it's maybe too late at this point to do anything about it. I'll get some pictures up for tomorrow.

For now I have a bunch of pictures of some Incredible Bulk Monster crop clones and the rest of the gang, including my wee bag seed which i've topped twice now, not really bothered what happenes to it, could be a complete dud.IMG_0944.JPGIMG_0945.JPGIMG_0946.JPGIMG_0950.JPGIMG_0951.JPGIMG_0952.JPGIMG_0953.JPGIMG_0954.JPGIMG_0955.JPGIMG_0956.JPG


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Day 67

Amber is slighlty more advanced on the shortest plant and the others are slowly catching up i think. Most of the tallest plants are a massive pain in the arse, they are just loosing the will stand up, most being held up by splints and it's not even because buds are massive, just too damn tall and skinny. I knew they would strech but they also got narrow as they grew closer to those flood light shades they were under. It's coming up to week 10 and I can't wait any longer as my next bunch of girls need the space, I will be chopping them down monday and can only hope if the ambers arn't ready, that some more will change colour during drying and curing. Got some pics again but a bit crap again.

IMG_0973.JPG IMG_0975.JPG IMG_0976.JPG IMG_0978.JPG IMG_0979.JPG
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