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first time grow white widow have we done something wrong !!


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Hi all this is first time white widow grow had a few problems from the start which we thought we had sorted, the temp is between 26-29 humidity 40-66 ,outtake fan is 5inch intake is 4inch had to swap them around as the heat was very high, the plants were repotted about a a week ago due to root bound, but noticed today that the roots are coming out at the bottom of the pot, the pots being used now are 20 litre, also switched to 12 on/off about a week ago, hadnt checked them over weekend, so did today and they dont seem to have changed also most of the lower leaves are pointing downwards is this supposed to happen. theyve also got odd yellow marks!! could this be from shock when we repotted them, any advice would be great i cant upload any pics(not sure how to)
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If you've just switched to 12/12 they will stall for a week or so, then begin to stretch and show sex, and get down to business again. The yellowing could be a lot of things, but if it's only on the lowest of the foliage and new growth looks good, I'd not panic too much. Check all your main parameters slowly and surely ( soil ph/nutes/watering and feeding ph/temps/humidity/bugs? etc). Just keep a good eye on them for the next week or two, don't over water them or over nute them, and if you want to, go ahead and pluck the lower leaves off while its slowed down switching to flowering mode.
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also this might help ,
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