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With this being my first grow, I already have a grow room I just have a few questions.

1. While watering once a week or two weeks is it ok to spray bottle water as well once in a while.

2. With soil grow, at what week should I cut and hang my plants?

3. I read a forum on worms on here, is it ok to have worms in my soil for direct nutrients.

4. Wanting to keep my growing a secret and not having to ask friends where to find good seeds, is it safe to purchase feminized seeds over the Internet?

5. If I buy seeds from a dispensary, are they only female seeds?

Thanks guys any input will be greatly apreciated.


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Welcome to 420 Solo,

1. Yes its fine to mist your plants once a week with water. I add 5 drops of nutes to my spray bottle and foliar feed once every day. Though dont do this under intense lighting. your plants will burn since drops of water will act like a magnifying glass. Best time to do so is when the lights turn on or right before they turn on or off. If your light is about 2ft away its ok to mist depending on the wattage your using. I DO THIS UNDER A 400W

2. You will cut and hang your plants during the 8th 9th week of flower. When the hairs are 60% amber.

3.Yes it is ok to have live worms in your soil. Worms makes great for compost. I also use nematodes. Hints the reason they say the best soil is alive:3:

4. IDK

5. This will really cut out question 4, if your able to get seeds from a dispensary why not just go there rather then getting them online?


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hey solo. the answer to question #4 is yes. I just purchased from herbies in the uk and had my seeds at my door in Canada 4 days later. Very discreet shipping too.

good luck
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