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first time grow


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new to this site and growing i have only two plants growing outside no way to do indoors
i have one i have had in since may she doesnt seem to be doing much she is thick and short only grown outward and i thinks she is flowering i have tried to stop the flower but it isnt working her being so small should i harvest her or just let her go ??? could i clone her and hope for better results she really is pretty hardy just not growing up


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growing out is fine, as for harvesting, I would doubt it is ready, no idea where you live, but unless your getting 12hours of dark for the last 8 weeks, or it is an autoflower strain its probably not done. Pictures would really help. also how are you trying to stop flower?? the only way to make it re-veg is to get it more than 12 hours of light a day. and yes, you could clone...
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