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First time grower - 7WW & 2 JH


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Long time smoker, first time grower here.

So, i have finally decided to start to grow my own shiat with a mate.

So we have bought a 4x4 tent, an 800 cbm carbon filter and a 420/800 exhaust fan. An adjust a wing avenger medium with super spreader. 3 fresh air hoses which draws cold air in from outside.
Timer set from 5pm to 11 am. The coolest hours of the day, more or less. Temps dont exceed 30 degrees celcius. After 8-9pm temps are 26-27. Running 400W Veg bulb & 600W bloom bulb.

We are growing them in 11 litres containers where they where put in after they had germinated. Maybe i should have started of in smaller containers, just thought it would be easier to start them in the ones they should finish in.

Soil mix is 50% soil, 25% leca and 25% perlite, so should be good enough. I would have liked if the soil were more "airy"..? But seems to drain good enough, within a minute or 2 water is coming out the bottom.
First time i watered the whole complete soil mixture before putting it over in containers, with 10 litres of water over a couple of times, i had mixed fertilizer in it, half the normal dosis.

We are growing 7 white widows and 2 jack herrers.
The JH's look okay i think. It's worse with the white widows, they don't look too good. Some of the leaves are crumbling..?

They are about 10 days old. Started light schedule 27 aug.

So will post some pictures of my ladies so you clever guys in here can have a look.

Here are the WW's.

And the JH.

Please give your best advice on what could be wrong..?




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Nutrients are the problem. Either some are locked up or some are lacking, more then likely caused by a PH issue. Flush with water adjusted to 6.5ish PH for soil.
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