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First time Grower - Advice needed!


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Hey guys im doing my first hydroponic grow. I'm learning as much as i can now so that by the time everything arrives i won't make some many mistakes.

Heres what i have so far:
6 Plant Hydroponics Grow Box 2 feet tall 24" T x 16" W x 9.5" D
3: 2700k CFL Flowering Bulbs
3: 6500k CFL Grow Bulbs
2 year supply of Moon Dust nutrients
PPM Stick

Now my question is, will this be enough space to grow 4 - 6 plants ?
Will the lights be good enough?
What nutrients do you guys recommend and what are the best place to get them ?
What about lighting should i get better lights ?

Any suggestions and advice will be much appreciated :)


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Re: First time Grower. Advice needed!

Short answer.. No.. 24"x 16"x 9.5" is only 2 cubic feet... That's about 14 gal.. You need to think bigger.... There's no room for the plants to grow... You might veg clones, or start seeds in that small of a space, but that's about it..

Thanks for the reply. i cancelled that order due to this. But how about 36" T x 16" W x 9.5" D
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