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First time grower CFL 5 x 26 watt - Please help


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Ok first time grower so Any info is much appreciate

Got an old vending machine from work , stripped it back to fridge
got a cheap led light from China after hearing info from a mate on LEDs n failed
Then got another led 13 watt 225 led. Blue red same again failed
These fail it's definitely not enough light
Then ordered a 130 watt clf globe. That arrives next week but want to know if the 5 x26 watts are gonna work in the mean time
Anew clone from a mate
Will add photos when gf not around lol


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Im not to sure about LED's, however, I do have a friend who has been using LED's for his grow. What type do you use? How high do you have them?

That is the type he uses, and he has it about 8" above his plants, with great results.


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i ghave a small closet setup using 1 x 85watt cool white cfl for veg and 10x 20 watt cool and warm cfls for flowering with good results so far...
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