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First Time Grower (Closet grow Flowering)


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Hello all of you I am Newbie´e and happy for some tips of enprovments in my equipment and set up to get it perfect I did a trade or one of my art works with a local hydro store where i live not USA, I have one magnetic ballast for both MH and HPS and a simpel refloctor and got one 400watt MH GIB vegetating bulb and one 400watt GIB HPS flowering bulb i have one 150mm 298 m³ intake air-fan at the bottom of the closet and one 125mm 280 m³ channel air-vent connected to a carbon filter att the top of the closet im 4-5 weeks in my first grow and started flowering 6 days ago i´m in this for medical reasons im diagnosed with ADD/ADHD and aspergers syndrome and on the hunt for some CDB rich marijuana and not to THC strong. And i have read a lot on growing first problem it becomes quit hot the temp says 85F but i dont think it´s that hot it does not feel like it´s 85 in the quite big closet in may hallway, I have some probs with some yellow leafs but discovered my tap water was 7.5 so i bought Ph up and Ph down for the water and it got better but not perfect like i need it to be here are some pictures will post better ones next time


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Cannabis Plant and Pest Problem Solver - Pictorial

This will help you troubleshoot your problems.

The last picture looks like a nitrogen deficiency not a ph issue. You might also have ph issues but that is probably not what is causing the leaves to yellow at the bottom. Other than that you kind of rambled without asking any questions.

Are you asking us if your thermometer is correct? It says 85 but you dont believe it? I don't know what to tell you. The top of the plant looks like its too hot.

If you have a question it would be nice if you used a question mark :). We would be happy to help


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Sorry so much! if i was not clear about what my problems where! now this is case should i move the light further away from the plants? would it be a good ide to get, buy a air ventilated reflector?, is the closet right ventilated? or should it be an good, great ide to get more ventilation in? i have Ph my water down from 7.5 plus to 6-6.5 something and that made most of the yellowing to get better I am feeding with Canna organic nutrients called Canna Bio Flow (Flowering nutrients) every time i water the plants. If i want perfect conditions for my grow closet what would be nice, good to do? like i mention im in this for medical reasons and will try different strain three at the time cos where i live there are no medical marijuana to get only street hash and my brain (like 75% of the earhts population) dont like to CDB poor Cannabis products, plant content so I have started a experiment to get some CDB Rich medicin I will purchase a The Cannalytics - Cannabis Fingerprint kit it´s a micro lab you can test your marijuana for cannabiods content later in the year i have many seeds one is named Polarlight#2 and it´s from dutch seeds and is a autofem suppose CDB rich strain, im quoting from the website

"PolarLight #2® (indoor, outdoor)

The new and highly improved version of PolarLight is the result of a hybrid between an autoflowering Ruderalis/Indica and Dutch Haze. The specific Haze characteristics are obviously present (very prominent) in this variety. PolarLight #2 is very easy to grow and after approximately 2,5 weeks of vegetative growth PolarLight #2 automatically starts to flower for a period of 8 to 9 weeks. Outdoors the plants grow to a height of 30-85 cm. Indoors up to 100 cm using a Hydroponic System. PolarLight #2 is resistant against mould, spidermite and other diseases. For a Haze variety PolarLight #2 generates a respectable harvest/yield between 30 and 50 grams per plant. PolarLight #2 is very pleasant to smoke and has a sweet fruity citrus taste and spicy Haze aroma. The powerful clear and long lasting 'high' is average in THC percentage but high in CDB percentage and therefore very suitable for medicinal users. PolarLight now brings the opportunity to grow connoisseur quality Haze in a little more than 2 months time!"

I really like to get high but not stoned out of sense and cannabis should be used with respect and understanding what the difference can be if you are a in it for having medical reasons to try if it can be of a benefit for your every day life smoking medical marijuana with respect i have really felt a difference from time to time smoking hash, testing charas Black Afghan hashish, and brown street hasch that we have whey much here in sweden i have smoked standard brown hasch and it have some times made me fell bad and thats cause the CDB content probably has been to low all the facts about the greatest plant given to man kind is a little complicate to but pointing that the lasts 30 years of wanting to get as high THC content possible has really being not very good but not bad bad , but now we are starting to figure out what the main problems has been and that must be educated to every one so you can have the great benefit of growing your own medicin for so many illnesses the pharmaceutical business dont wont that a all safe kind of strains being developed and coming to public access but I want that cause i know if only right used and right strain medical marijuana will change the every day life of many people so help me to help by giving tips about growing marijuana at a pro level and i will be a perfect test person for my medical handicaps and my special skills of being a perfectionist and a little eccentric
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Regards to the bulb being too close to the plants. You never mention how far away the light is. However the plants are not being burned so I believe its fine.

85 is too hot. The top of the big plant is showing minor signs of heat stress. You want to be between 70-80. Ideally 72-76 but you can get away with 70-80. The positioning of your thermometer is also important if you don't believe its 85, if its directly under the light it might give a false reading.

You have a closed fixture which I am assuming means a glass insert. If you are not running a seperate ventilation system for just the light then having an open air cooled hood is a good idea or remove the glass insert.

You are running air into the closet and pulling air out of the closet. Do you have any fans that are hitting the plants directly? It would help to have one if you don't. It will help with temps and make the plants stronger.

As far as perfect condtitions go you want that 72-76 temps and 40% RH so you dont have to worry about mildew or budrot. The leaves of the plants should be moving from the air circulation inside the box. Keep them dancing all the time it prevents the mildew and helps circulate c02 to the stomata.

You need to read more. Start here

How to Grow Cannabis - Everything You Need to Know!

Also since you are talking about CBD I assume you understand trichomes and harvest timings in relation to color. I really think you need to reread what you know about CBD THC and CBN. You seem to be lacking some fundamental understanding about what each is and how they interact with each other in relation to cannabis and cannabis extracts.

Good luck man


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Thanks very much for your tips about my growing closet i will invest in a air cooled hood and yes i have a fan but not being dirctly blowing right at them it hits the plants with a air blow once every 3 sec. Regarding with my understanding in cannabinoid so do i think there´s very mush interesting scientific data regarding the cannabis plant being now scientific proven

Your right i i know very little about cannabinoid scient but i am in this for learning some of the cannabinoids and i will try to learn from trying my self but i´m informed to that degree that it's two different scientific sides and i have both read about CBD and it's percentage is determined of harvesting the trichomes at a late stadium when the color gone from milky white to amber and i have read for an exempel at ProjectCBD.com i quote

Cannabidiol —CBD— is a compound in Cannabis that has medical effects but does not make people feel “stoned” and actually counters some of the effects of THC. After decades in which only high-THC Cannabis was available, CBD-rich strains are now being grown by and for medical users.
The reduced psychoactivity of CBD-rich Cannabis may make it an appealing treatment option for patients seeking anti-inflammatory, anti-pain, anti-anxiety and/or anti-spasm effects without disconcerting euphoria or lethargy.
Scientific and clinical studies indicate that CBD could be effective in easing symptoms of a wide range of difficult-to-control conditions, including: rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, alcoholism, PTSD, epilepsy, antibiotic-resistant infections and neurological disorders. CBD has demonstrated neuroprotective effects, and its anti-cancer potential is currently being explored at several academic research centers in the U.S. and other

December 20, 2010 Increasing CBD:THC Ratio
Nancy Sajben, MD has shared a note from a patient about a CBD-rich strain purchased at Harborside Health Center (after he couldn’t find any CBD-rich Cannabis in Southern California). The patient wrote: “Incredible Romulan, with a little vaping in the oven to remove THC, proved excellent for my chronic insomnia when made into a tincture.”
Dr. Sajben wanted to know whether heating Cannabis would indeed remove THC.
Project CBD explains: “Just a few comments on the concept of increasing CBD over THC: I am afraid that this is not rational. Firstly, you can’t create CBD when it’s not there to begin with. There are a lot of crazy misconceptions floating around along the lines of raw Cannabis has more CBD; that heating turns THC into CBD; or that you can differentially favor one over the other. None of these are true."

so what you read is not always exact scientific truth if you are referring to that all i have to do is harvest at late time i am pretty convinced that you have more chance getting i good high with THC-CBD ratio of 1:1 or a little more CBD than THC you can also read at Project CBD | CANNABIDIOL SCIENCE | FOR DOCTORS | FOR PATIENTS that harvesting at a late time is not true. I will try different strains to find out the truth about all the different information given by the internet i have no problem reaching about the effects THS, CBD and all of the known
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And i will read the info on CDB to but i quoted the info about PolarLight#2 and i think they mean CBD. thats the subject most studying about medical marijuana now it´s seems. And in my first post i mean CBD. My medical condition is a big big handicap for me right now i´m being depressed most of the time and laying in my bed all day i have to try this with medical marijuana it´s my last hope i have tried Ritalin thats only one of the damned chemicals i am being prescribed now im also on rispedal but it makes me antisocial please if you know anything about medical marijuana that could help please inform me
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You do know CBD is a precursor and that CBN is a metabolite of THC?

Why would you want to pull your harvest late when this specifically relates only to CBN?

People mistake CBD with CBN, I was hoping you knew the distinction. I mention trichomes because this is the best indicator to when you should pull your harvest for personal taste. You can tell when the THC is breaking down through the trichomes.

You might want to consider the science of cannabis instead of selling points on seeds and random articles on voodoo methods of increasing CBD.

In regards to suggestions on your medicinal use of marijuana. I am not a doctor, however you never really mention your conditions other than being depressed and laying in bed and your other meds making you anti-social. In my experience marijuana doesn't turn you into a social butterfly.

If you are not physically handicapped then I suggest forcing yourself to exercise at least 1 hour per day. This helps with your endorphins and will help with depression also getting you out of the house.

A big one that helps if you can grasp it, is perspective. Understand that you dont live in a third world country, you have clean drinking water and a roof over your head. Life is fleeting and should be enjoyed and not worried over. What happens in life happens its how you perceive it that makes all the difference. Shit could be worse

Please don't consider CBD rich marijuana to be the cure all last hope plan you have as you have alluded to in your previous post. MJ helps but is not the a magic bullet in regards to depression.


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OHH No dear...does links i posted is not random voodoo it´s if you hade been interested in the truth about Medical marijuana you hade gone to the site and read instead of giving me a lecture in every aspect of about how i should live my life. My medical condition is diagnosed ADD/ADHD and Asperger syndrome (Falls under autism) i have also tendens to Bi-polar depressions syntomes as a result of being a syndrome as an Aspergers personality im on that side thats quite rare wanting to co work with people, i know drugs like marijuana is not the answer to everything but it´s helps coupe with every day situation of all the side affects of the damn chemical medicins i take that has only helpt dealing with the ADD im not constant restless but i cant sleep at night time and i have tried every insomnia medicin there is bu it´s no good and first now i will try afghani#1 as a sleeping aid, then i am really locking for a CDB rich not so THC strong strain im not in this for scoring points as you kindly accusing me to be but can you help to point me to the scientific proven data that proves that CBD is a precursor and that CBN is a metabolite of THC, and yes shit could have been worse


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The links i posted is just a ide that when you harvest and all the writing about that harvesting late should make a differences is just myths you no like in urban legends that some that has been harvasting late has told someone that it made all the differences in the world reagrding the CDB levels in marijuana


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But i found this, this is a little fragment of text from a new study you now science.

This paper will focus on the biochemical and clinical effects of two phytocannabinoids,D9- tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) (Fig. 1), the main psychoactive component of cannabis, and its non-psychoactive but highly physiologically relevant isomer, cannabidiol (CBD) (Fig. 1). While it was orig- inally thought that CBD was the metabolic parent to THC in the cannabis plant, rather, they are both bio- synthesised as THCA and CBDA from a cannabigerolic acid precursor (Fig. 2) according to genetically determined ratios[5], and then decarboxylated by heat or extraction to produce THC and CBD proper. It is interesting to note that the phytocannabinoids can be considered as half-siblings to the essential oil terpenoids with which they share a geranyl pyro- phosphate precursor in the glandular trichomes of the plant where they are produced. It is felt by some authorities that these terpenoids share important modulatory and pharmacological effects with trace cannabinoids[6] in an elegant ‘entourage effect.

Can´t we help one a outer to get a CBD rich plant?


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Maybe Harvesting at the right time has a little importens but i think genetic value in the plant holds the real CDB rich cornerstones.


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I think you are missing the point. Again harvesting late only deals CBN not CBD. I mentioned trichomes because you said you were a perfectionist and it is the best indicator for harvest. More over I was going to tell you to buy a scope so you can check the trichs so you can harvest before they start to degrade and prevent that stony feeling you said you dont want.

Remember you started asking about medical advice concerning your marijuana use in the grow forum, talking about MJ as being your last hope. I was generally concerned when you started talking about depression and self medicating. I am pretty sure your doctor did not prescribe you medical marijuana in Sweden.

All you stated was that you were depressed and cant get out of bed. I said exercise and perspective. Exercise if you can for endorphins and having perspective can change your outlook. By no means am I trying to tell you how to live your life, just trying to give you tips in dealing with depression because I have a few friends who dealt with depression, one of which was pretty severe.

From that friend who was in a suicidal depression, he told me what helped him was exercising everyday and having a better perspective. I apologize if passing that advice along has angered you, but it seemed relevant concerning your depression.

I have no idea what you think I am accusing you of. Scoring points? What does that even mean?

Look at the article you posted, which was about some person who did some ridiculous shit to make their cannabis CBD only, then how some doctor said this was irrational. Thats why I was calling it voodoo from the stuff you posted, Im not clicking links sorry but thats standard operating for me.

Put yourself in my shoes, I was offering grow advice and you go on about your depression and not being able to get out of bed. Should I just ignore it? Then I offer some advice that might help you with no medications and you jump on the defense. I may have been short with you but its because I was hung over and came here to give you grow advice and you are misinterpreting what I say and you feel the need to share all this crazy shit.


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Im new here and a very beginner with growing my own, but i have to concur with billmoe93 with regards to non chemical healing for depression.

I have smoked most of my life and have suffered depression, suicidal tendencies and something called dysphoria. I became a recluse i used to self harm when i was younger and basicly just wanted to get stoned and i guess ignore the world till i was no longer part of it.

i went to a shrink, who i detested and thought was an ignorant idiot who said the best cure for my issues was a life style change.

18 months later, i still love the weed and will my entire life, but i did follow the advice for a lifestyle change and now im a full time worker, i am in a better mood most of the time, i feel more emotionally human and am getting on much better with my partner and kids, i even lost a few stone.

all i did was get out more, enjoy the sun, walk a few miles each day, ate better and got a job...now im obsessed with bettering my career and moving my family to the countryside by the power of my own earnings and determination.

Weed is a gift from the fates and its ok to love it, but if its for mental health then you have to change your life. best way to do this is to dream about what you want, plan backwards till you get a step 1, then do it =)


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Sorry my bad but im not even smoking now i smoked a little hashish for 8 weeks ago and it helpt me sleep and the next day i was so much better in all ways but before that it was 2 years ago and then i did great i took a small amount of hasish to help sleep and i was not handicapt like i are today i did that for a half a year not every day later when i hade done it for i while. i dont even love getting to high but regarding to new studies CBD i dont think you understand what im trying to do look up Project CBD and read and sincerely greetful for your advice about training but i have tried that but now luck i am sorry for your sake that you dont read more new info about Medical MJ and my doctor is behinde me in this but there are now Medical MJ in Sweden but it is more and more people that understand that it could help people like me remember look up Project CBD it importent so you can read about news reagrding CBD studies again im sorry


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I understand what you are trying to do. You want MJ that is high in CBD because in studies it has been shown to have positive effects on many ailments.

Heres the difference, in a lot of those studies they are using CBD alone that has been extracted from everything else and dosed in mg form.

You will most likely be smoking cannabis or hash, which has CBD and THC. In these cases CBD counteracts the "undesirable" effects of THC, but again this is when you can properly dose the thc and cbd to achieve the desired effect.

Unless you have the equipment to extract and dose CBD and THC separately then all of these studies are irrelevant to you because you are just smoking weed and cant control dosage.

A more viable option for you, is understanding trichomes and understanding that if harvested early when the trichs are cloudy and even clear. You can acquire that head high but not the lethargic stoned feeling. This is based from old knowledge from the growing community which I know to be true because I personally tested it as well as countless other growers.
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