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First time grower ever - not sure if hermie or male


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Unknown strain - bag seed
One plant
2nd week of flowering stage
Indoor - hydro - DWC - 3.5 galloon res
1 - 300W LED grow light
Temp range 74 - 84 degrees F
RH 52 - 65% (using dehumidifier to keep around 52 - 54)
No pests that I can tell
2x2x4 grow tent
Using General Hydroponics FloraGro, FloraBloom, FloraGrow, CaliMag and Hydroguard 1/4 strength during veg and gradually adding 1/2 strength for flowering stage
Rapid Rooter
While I was waiting for seed bank seeds, decided to plant bag seed to get a feel for planning, growing. I really enjoy it and happy for the practice. Poor plant was really stressed out during the end of vegging stage - air conditioner broke and we live in a very hot region. Air conditioner replaced within a month but temps got as high as 84 degrees F and RH as high as 65% and I had a rough time controlling. 6-8 older leaves turned yellow on the ends each week, some wilting too. Weekly I removed those leaves during nute and water changes. ph stayed between 5.8 - 6.0, rarely had to adjust ph.
Received my GDP and Zkittlez from seed bank.
Now wondering if this is a hermie or male, if hermie should I just keep it going or get rid of it and start new grow?
Thanks in advance for any advice and suggestions!



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If those balls open up you need to clean the inside of the tent, otherwise you might get some seeds in the next grow. Just wipe down or spray bottle the walls, ceiling, floor with a little water and Clorox.


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Thanks, I plan to cut it down tomorrow hopefully, before they open and will take your advice and clean the tent thoroughly.
Do you have any advice on what I am using and what I can improve for my new plant? Thanks!
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