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First-time grower in need of some direction

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Hello all, and thanks in advance for any assistance you might be able to provide. As mentioned in the title, I am a first-time grower and it looks like one of my Jack Herer autoflower is in a bit of trouble. Can any of the more experienced growers give a sense of what's going and what I can do to remedy the situation. This plant is about 75 days from seed.

Some background:
Strain - Jack Herer
# of Plants - 2, my other JH does not look this bad. I also have White Widow (1) and Gold Leaf (2) - all autos - in the tent.
Grow Type - Soil
Grow Stage - Flower
Bucket Size - 5 Gallon
Lights - (6) 100W ChilLed Logic pucks
Nutrients - None, so far
Medium - Super Soil, water-only (Michigan Made Mix)
PH - 6.5
RH - 50% to 55%
Room Temperature -76 to 80
Solution Temperature - 65 to 69
Room Square Footage - 16 sq. ft. (4' x 4' Gorilla Grow Lite tent)
Pests - None Known

Problem: My leaves are turning yellow. Any ideas?
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I hope someone who knows chimes in, that looks like calcium deficiency, look it up and compare. Hope you get it sorted out.

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Hmm. Good question. I would have expected it to last at least thru harvest - of an autoflower, anyway. In this case we're at 74 days. I stopped by our local grow supply store and asked them about my situation. After a 20+ minute discussion and a review of some pics, I walked out with a couple of free samples of Fish Sh!t and some Roots Organic Buddha Bloom. Will give them a try at next watering.
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