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First time grower needs advice


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Hello everyone,

I'm trying to plan my first grow, and I have some basic questions. Let me get the logistics out of the way first, I haven't purchased any of the gear yet, so if anyone sees something wrong with my plan please let me know.

Here's my plan so far:

36"wide x 20" deep x 63" tall grow tent ( I can't go any taller or deeper, I could go wider, but I think I'd need another light right?)
2-3 plants in 3.5 gallon pots
Platinum led p300 light (will be the sole light seed to harvest)
Growing media up in the air right now, I would prefer soil, but I've read hydroponic medias tend to have less problems with pests like spider mites and such. Either media I choose, I will be hand watering (I'm a fan of the K.I.S.S. method).
I plan on trying the scrog method eventually, but keeping it simple the first go around, I'm thinking i will veg the plants to about two feet or so.

Here are my questions:
1. I will be growing in a semi unfinished basement in an old house (1940) there is a ton of spiders, and other things I presume down there. Should I have a professional come out and exterminate before I began? Do you think I will be more likely to have critter problems down there even if I'm growing in a sealed tent? Should I be more concerned with using soil over a hydro soil less mixture?

2. Is my light selection appropriate? With a three foot tall plant (pot included) in a 5 foot tall tent, that leaves less then 2 feet of wiggle room for the light. Also should I be looking at lights with a 5watt diode with more penatration instead since I'm not doing a scrog grow. I also was looking at advanced ds 100 xte for about the same price, but about 100 watts less draw, I know those lights don't compare apples to apples but I thought the 5watt diode with the secondary optic might make up some ground on the other 3watt diode light's higher wattage in terms of efficiency anyway. I can't find specific pars specs on this light yet.

Thanks for the advice, and sorry for the longish post:peace:


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I don't know if you can keep out spiders etc from a tent. A lot depends on your fresh air intake and exhuast of tent but I do think one or 2 could sneak in while your servicing the plants. and I don't know if I'd want the pesticicde residue around my plants. hydro may have less issues with pest but your nutes need to be fine tuned and delivered on schedule that can be too demending for hand watering. so I'd stick with soil.
I can't realy comment on LED's I know little about them.


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Before I started my grow I use Drione dust throughout the entire house. It can only be sprayed into cracks and crevices though since its pretty rough stuff to be hanging around in the air. Bugs really dislike it and won't touch it as long as the ingredients in it are active (lasts about 2-3 months in areas with no major air circulation). I got a big jug of it for $45 and a bellow duster for $15 online, it should last years assuming you store the dust correctly. I tested it once by spraying down a spider with the dust, poor little guy looked like he was suffocating for a few minutes, then he curled up and died. Also, this dust works on damn near every insect according to the item description. Do a little research and see if this will work for you.
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