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First time grower questions


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Hey I'm new to growing and have 5 plants out here in colorado. All these plants were started from bag seed. The biggest one has been going for 2months or more. None of them seem to be making much gains? Or am I impatient?
Outdoor grow, water every other day. Giving them bud and bloom by dr earth. The water ph is good.
I got them started a little late into the season. Any suggestions? When can I know which are female?
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Thats seems pretty slow but im not an outdoor grower. I had seedlings bigger than those at 2 and 3 wks. I was overwatering but read Emilyas watering sticky. Have u seen it yet. Youre in pots so i bet this will help u.


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Welcome, @Lwh6266 . Thanks for showing us some pictures. Please go to the following link and read: How to Ask for Grow Support .

We need to know what medium you are using and just more info in general. Get that info and you'll have help growing out of your ears. If you are in soil you are watering too often.


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Kellogg organic soil and q bit of steer manure. And I have been using dr. Earth's organic lady bud and bloom.
Here are recent pix. The one in orange bucket snapped at main stem while trying to tie her down. Their outdoor and. I am in colorado Obviously I'm a newbie and have some learning. Thanks for putting time aside to ready my nub posts.


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