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First Time Grower Questions


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I bought 10 white russian seeds. Germinated all 10...:allgood:

Planted them (in Miracle Gro seed starter) in the 4x4 pots that you get at the grocery stores with pansies (washed) on March 22 and put those in a plastic container you get baked goods in from a grocery store (washed) to create green house effect, on top of my fridge. Been watering with fine mist spray bottle every day.

March 25, 2 seeds have sprouted :adore:

Is it ok to still create the greenhouse effect till the rest of the seeds sprout?

I was told to turn the containers every day to keep the sprouts from leaning for the sun and getting to tall without leaves, is this correct?

Other than watering with a fine mist spray every day, is there anything else I need to do until I can sex them and plant outside?

Also, I love this forum...I'm learning a lot here for growing, thanks to all of you great people :peace: :joint:


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Hey taelyra! Welcome to the Grow Room!

Once they break the soil surface there's no need to "greenhouse" them. It can cause "damping off" which is a fungal infection of the stem and can kill them. You shouldnt' need to mist them every day...but it won't hurt as long as they have time to dry between showers and the soil doesn't get too wet.

Since they're going outside, you can start off by putting them outside for a few hours a day (called hardening off) so they get used to the bright sun. The turning isn't neccessary either. It's called phototropism when they turn to face the sun. Have you ever seen a field of sunflowers in the morning? They're all turned to the east, and track the sun all day, ending facing the west. It's natural.
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