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First time grower setup help


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Hey Guy, I've been doing a lot of reading on a few different forums but there are some things I still havent managed to figure out. I'll try ti make my questions as clear as possible and all help from you guys will be much obliged. I have a confined closet space inside which I will build a custom mylar tent the total measurements of the closet are 58cmx88cmx154cm. I'll be running a 400w lumatek ballast with a 400w bulb (im still debating wether to use a cooltube or regular hood light) and a heavy duty 16amp timer. The setup I would like to achieve looks like this:


The exhaust would run a 160-240m3/h FI 125mm carbon filter and a 100mm/180m3/h tube fan, which according to my estimates should exchange the air in the tent ~2.5 times a minute.

On the bottom I would have to passive intakes, but since they are close to the floor I want to have some sort of air filter to prevent dust and dirt from entering the room. The reason i want to have the intake on the bottom is to use the maximum space of the closet without having to cut down to account for the vent tubes. Same goes for the exhaust which will exhale onto the separate top part of the closet.

Is this setup viable? Would you guys suggest any improvements? Again, all help will be great


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I agree with the filter in the passive floor intakes - bad stuff that is heavier than air settles downwards, so - you got it. Exhaust it is less important.

Any ideas for a filter that wont block the air intake flow?

Im going to grow "Capn style" which includes large 15l air pot with rockwool, gradually migrating from a single cube into larger pots until reaching the 15l destination. A top feed drip ring with a drain to waste system. I havent figured out yet how to determine the pump size and watering time through the drip ring though.
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