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First time grower: Strange Coloring


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This is my first time growing outdoor marijuana and I have noticed a change in color of my plant. The stems have started turning purple. Also on the top of the plant the stems seem to be white. I have not used any nutrients, as the soil I used is supposed to have them already. I've been watering the plant once every 3 days with approx. 1-2 liters of rainwater.



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Nice sativa, man. Seems ok to me :)


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As for your question, I believe the fan leaf stem turning purple is normal. I've grown a few strains, and all my fan leaf stems have gone red/purple in fairly ideal temperatures 68-82 F, 20-27.7 C.

The white color looks normal, considering it's newer growth.

Leaves themselves will turn purple on some strains when night time temperatures get a lot colder, somewhere around 55 F, 12.7 C

But your plant doesn't look bad at all, I don't see any serious issues. Keep up the good work!
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