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Hey everyone I'm a first time grower and ive been studying up and watching videos and reading articles. I germinated my seeds and planted 2 of them just for starters so ill have a better chance to get females. one of my plants is at i think 2 weeks and the other is at about 3 days just sprouting out the ground. I'm a little concerned about them though because i have to leave them in a window or somewhere outside while I'm out and about. but around when the sun goes down i put them in a dark closet where its warm. i want to try to make them bud and ready to harvest as quick as possible. but the whole light cycle being natural and all there growing a little slowly i think. What should I do? any help would be greatly appreciated. :yummy:


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Since they're in veg state, you could put some fluorescent lights in the closet and let them veg 24/7. The forum brains recommend 5 weeks of vegetation before cutting their light to 12/12. If you're growing in a temperate zone, then there's not much chance that you'll get meaningful buds by letting them grow under natural light. I think you need to read a few of the tutorials here in the forums.

This should be your first stop:
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