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hey im just starting to grow and i dont no what the fuck to do....i have about ten seeds and i wanted to know if i could grow them by putting it in between two paper towels and wetting them or if i could put them in a sock and wet the sock. i dont havwe a heating lamp do i need one for my seeds to grow?
Do you have lights and all? You can germinate the seeds with damp paper towels, I have done it or a clean sponge. Just put each seed in a hole and keep the sponge moist.

You need to read up on it here.
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You just keep it in the sponge until it sprouts then it has to be moved to soil. Carefully. It usually runs about a month under good lighting at 18 hours of light everyday(and it needs to be the same 18 hours everyday.) Turn it on and off the same time everyday. Then after a month if it looks good and healthy you can start the lighting on 12 hour shifts. Again Same times is VERY important. No variation in the lighting times because you are simulating the sun and that is what triggers growth and eventually buds. After switching to 12 hour dys it could be 2 months or longer depending on strain.
I have done the opposite with some plants....2 months with 18 hour day lights and 1 month 12 hour. You can do that if you are using lower powered lights and the plant doesnt look real strong after the 1st month.
you could just germinate in the same containor you are gonna grow in. i recomend a pot about a gallon. You have to make shure you plant it POINTY SIDE UP. then you put on floresent lights with a light timer. first you have to leave them on all day or 18 hrs. its your chioce. i leave them on all day because they grow alot faster. then you could let them grow as big as you want them to be (remember bud growth adds another foot to it) you could put them into veg. once they just grow a cople of inches but it will not produce as big buds. to put it into veggitation (bud growth) put the timer for 12 hours. and water normaly. and trust me DO NOT SMOKE IN THE GROW ROOM