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First time grower

willin to grow less plants for bigger buds??

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:tokin:this is gonna be my first grow. i bought three 600 watt hps with digital ballasts and got some clones of the sour deisel. i got a couple t5s for veg, cloner ect... i for sure got the space the only thing im wondering is should i put nine per light with bigger pots or twelve with smaller pots. im gonna veg the same time but will it be worth losing extra plants for the bigger buds


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It really comes down to trimming your plants when dealing with higher numbers in enclosed areas. I just recently lowered my plant number in my room cause a couple of them were getting choked out resulting in less yield and too much scraggle. Looks like the poll is pulling 6-0 in favor of less plants equaling bigger buds.
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