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Hi everybody. This will be my first grow im just eagerly awaiting my parcels arriving. Ive ordered 5 seeds from gorilla and various other items such as a mars hydro 130w led light, 80×80×160 tent, 187cm2/hr extract kit with carbon filter etc. Im hoping to be up and running in the next couple of weeks if everything arrives ok. I will post a grow log once im up and running along with my reviews of gorilla seeds the light and various other parts if rules allow. Ill share my opinions and progress/problems and welcome any advice you have to give. Thanks for reading


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High Dudewheresmyc and :welcome: to 420.

You're going to need more light than that if you want to fill that tent but you're good to go to get a first grow under your belt and the confidence to go bigger if you want.

Have you decided on your growing method? Soil, soilless, organic, hydro or some combination of those.

If you haven't got one already I'd suggest a good grow bible like one of Jorge Cervantes great books. Just flipping through all the great info in one of those can inspire methods you might not have even knew existed or help you fix a problem when you can't get an answer as fast as you'd like. I have two and refer to them often.

Tons of info right here too and folks to help as well.

Good luck!



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Thanks for the welcome and advice so far. I've been busy browsing random threads so far and have already seen plenty of good information especially in the how to grow area.

I do have one of George Cervantes grow bibles which I have only skimmed the surface of so far I will read through some more but I'm still to busy reading on here so far. I will be starting a journal once I'm up and running or maybe shortly before and I'm sure I'll be asking plenty of questions.

I'm planning on using pots with an organic soil based medium I have bio bizz organic nutes well most of it anyway still need to get root juice and alt-a-mic ordered.

I'm still a little dubious on the led lights but have been given a little confidence after looking at some successful grows on here using them. So my plan is to use the light I have for propagation and early veg. I also have some blue led strips that I was thinking of running down the poles in the corners of the tent as a boost to lighting, along with 4 × 10w white Cree leds that I have lying around hanging up the top for extra spread. Then if all is looking promising I was thinking of purchasing another 130w light the same as I already have for flowering.

Btw my tent measurements are in cm so it's actually a space of a little less than 3ft × 3ft.

Thanks for the replies


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I'm going to practice uploading some pictures this should be my the tent I'm getting if this works


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These are the 4 × 10w cree leds I have for potential supplementary lighting except in 12v 6500k daylight white.


This is similar to the 4 × blue led strips im thinking of cabletieing to the 4 corner poles.

Both of those are 12v which I have a small amount of available for free courtesy of a solar panel and a small battery bank.
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