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Looks like you are set up to start growing when the seeds get there. When you start your journal, put a link in your signature line and people will know you have a journal and can go to it directly. Can't wait to see how your autos go, I've been really interested in them, just wish I could get them locally. Best of luck!

Thanks Kriaze! That's the journal I was trying to steer him twords... Light Addict. Great grow and very instructional!


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Firstly I didn't get chance for any pictures last night as I was busy reading on here again. But as its a rainy day today I probably won't end up working so ill try and get the tent set up and get some pictures and keep then all inside the grow space from here onwards. I will post a link in my signature once I get a journal going.

Thanks kriaze that journal made for some good reading im also nearly halfway through reading the "bible" now and have been browsing through the how to grow section on here.

At first impressions im surprised at how good the light looks for the price. Looks a lot brighter to the eye than I expected as from looking at pictures led lights usually don't look very bright. You can feel the warmth from the light (not the unit getting hot the actual beam of light its self) almost instantly once plugged in it feels like the sun on your arm which I didn't expect.
The unit also feels heavier and more solid than I was expecting.

My extract seems to work fine so will be interesting to see if it moves enough air to keep things comfortable. Both the fan and light makes a little noise which I will have to see if I can keep as quiet as possible and choose my light hours carefully. If everything is up and running later ill have a smoke in the tent and find out how well the carbon filter works.

Seeds are also marked as dispatched now as is the propagator I think soil will be the next purchase I need to make.

So with no work its time for wake and bake then get started with this hopefully have a grow space to share with you later on


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Well it's been a productive day. I have cleared and cleaned the room and given a good spray with some anti spider mite spray.

Blacked out the Windows with 4 layers of that weed control stuff you put underneath stone. Luckily this doesn't look too suspicious as the Windows are lightly tinted and looks dark with curtains behind anyway and is always shut. I don't reckon any light is now going to get in or out of this room now.

Also have the tent assembled and light hanging. Extract and filter is only going out in to the room for now but will need sorting soon.
Temperatures with light on over a short period have been a little below 80f but have been in and out a lot. Its a cool wet summer's day today so I'm expecting higher tomorrow. And humidity has been around mid 60s


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I've found some pots out and 4 of them seem to fit nicely.
The pots are old but well above 5 litres comparing them to a 5 litre water bottle.
Is there any good way to clean a plant pot?

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I am an organic soil grower, I build my soil and then only need to water from start to finish. For what you are intending then a mix of peat and perlite would work. Or you could use just coco coir. Depends on what is easier to access.


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Ok thanks. I guess peat may be the easiest to access but I'll keep an eye out for coco. I have organic feeds so I'm hoping to use organic soil just wasn't sure what to look out for and what to avoid. I'm hoping for something I can just plant straight into without to much to figure out mixing it up at the moment. I'm trying to keep it simple for now


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I find 25% coarse perlite to be lots when I would add it to the BX TheCelt, (Scottish myself and ginger too. lol). More seems to dry out a lot faster to me. 3 scoops BX, 1 scoop perlite, repeat 'til tub is 3/4 full then mix and load pots. Wear a dust mask when handling lots of perlite as it's hard on the lungs.

I'm sure that you can find a soilless mix very similar to the ProMix BX TheCelt mentioned earlier Dude. I use the ProMix HP with mycorrhizae. Chock full of perlite so I use it right out of the bale and feed with hydro nutes.

It's 65-75% sphagnum peat moss, perlite, dolomite lime, (for pH buffering as peat moss is acidic), a wetting agent and the Myco which is a beneficial bacterial culture. Not needed with hydro nutes but seems to help and I'll put a little molasses in the water to feed the good bugs.

The same kind of mix without lots of perlite will likely be higher percentage of peat moss. Adding about 25% coarse perlite will make a mix like that drain as well as the HP. Soaks up water like a sponge.

Many organic growers will use something like Promix as a base to mix with rich soil blends like the Fox Farms brand and others like it. So many different recipes for organic soil blends it looks like witchcraft to me. I like my growing as simple and easy as possible so HP and pH Perfect nutes from AN work great for me. The same nutes work killer in DWC as well so more simplicity.

Soil blends are like religions. Hundreds out there but which is the true path to follow. Being an atheist is so much easier. :)

Most of the grow logs here have descriptions of their soil blends so I'd peruse some of them and find one that gets great results and tailor yours to that. There must be a few that are from your part of the world and will be using products available to you so I'd be looking at those.

I am not a fan of coco.

You want a happy home for your girls. :48:




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Coco is awesome! Easy to maintain ph and ppm, hard to over water.

My thoughts on soil- if you want organic go with soil. Uhhh... that's all I got :)

Seriously though, I've only done one soil grow and switched to coco and haven't looked back. Take my humor about soil with a grain of salt. I don't claim to know anything about soil.

Coco- I use coco loco right now. But I like botanicare coco- aeration. Really good stuff and already has perlite in it. Can water daily if you wanted


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Well ive gone with canna coco professional. I have some coir plant starter pellets which start off as a flat disc and expand into something that look like a tea bag once soaked in water. I may get some root riot blocks instead if I get chance to go to the grow shop if not ill use these ill upload pictures once my internet has a word with its self.

Ive left water to stand for 24 hours and have a ph of 7.5 im ussuming ill need to lower that a little.

Light has been on 24 hours and has used aroud £1 in electic including running everything else
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