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Hi All,

As the topic suggests, I am a first time grower taking on hydro. I should start off with having some experience in gardening. I can read plants pretty well, only problems i ran into were pests, but i grew outdoors so it was expected. I have ordered a stealth cabinet 6 feet tall 4 feet wide and 2 feet deep i believe. i will be growing in a one bedroom apartment but i dont think i will run into problems because my kit comes with an inline carbon filter on the exhaust side. I plan on mainly growing indica dominant strains hoping to achieve high thc levels. I did order a c02 tank system for my plants hoping to increase the photosynthesis. I have been doing research on genetics and am still looking for reputable sources. Alright to my problem, seed selection, with regards to normal, feminized and feminized auto flower. At first auto flower sounded the most appealing but upon research i saw the lower thc levels and lower yeilds(although that may not be a problem for my cabinet). Any how im steering clear of auto flower. My question is do feminized seeds need a male plant to pollinate? I read somewhere you can collect pollen from the females and put the pollen on the buds? Does this eliminate the need for a male? Thanks in advance and sorry if in the wrong forum.:thumb:


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Pollen comes from the male cannabis plant. Sensimilla or medical cannabis has no seeds.

The Female cola or main top/bud of the cannabis plant consists of sub-units. They are a composition of buds. Single female flowers are brought together to form buds. The female flowers are also called pistils and on them are formed the stigmas in which pollination occurs.

Pollination occurs when pollen from the male marijuana plant reaches the female stigmas and finds its way to the egg cell of the female plant that is inside the pistil. After the process of pollination, the seed is produced. An interesting fact is that growers prefer sensimilla which is the name for cannabis plants that are not pollinated and do not have seeds.

To achieve this all males plants are removed from grow immediately once they show sex to avoid pollination and the creation of seeds. We grow female cannabis, unless of course we are breeding or hybridizing.


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You would only want a male plant or pollen if you wished to make seeds. If you want buds, don't let your ladies near any male plants.

Feminized seeds are supposed to create only female plants. Regular seeds can be either male or female, which means you will need to sex your plants and kill or quarantine your male plants.
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