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Hi. I am pumped to be a part of this forum. A friend suggested I start growing my own as I have been spending a ton of money purchasing.

To give a little background, I am using marijuana to treat my daughter who was born with a slow growing tumor in her brain. She is part of the medical marijuana program but it is still very expensive. About 2 plus years ago, we discovered the tumor after an MRI was performed because she was not growing. She had a successful surgery but not without some longstanding effects of the tumor. Needs hormones like hydrocortisone and additional medicine as they had to cut the pituitary gland. All in all we are very lucky she has limited damage. A small piece of the tumor is still in her head and my wife and I have began making oil with CBD to combat the regrowth but it has become very expensive hence why I am growing.

At the moment my tent is around 85 degrees and I cannot get the temp down even with 2 fans in there. Any help is appreciated. Happy to be here.

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Welcome Dbal29.

Regarding your tent temp, what temperature is the air entering the intake?


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Hi Obi Wan, I am so new to this and have a ton to learn and not a fast learner unfortunately. Would that mean the temp outside the tent? It is around 75 outside the tent and 84 inside

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Hey Dbal, welcome to 420. We wish you were here for reasons other than your daughter, but if we can help with that in any way, the people here will do their best.

I have to run a window mounted AC unit to keep my grow room at an acceptable level. I don't have central AC and with temps up in the 90s, my grow room would be there in a heart beat even with the additional air intake fan I was running. I have my window mounted AC unit at 75 degrees and my grow tent stays between 73-79 most all the time.

Give us a bit more info on your setup and perhaps we can be of some assistance.
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