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First time grower

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I just ordered train wreck, going hydroponically indoors, any tips,,,,, I tried candy cane last crop but something happened at the time just before flush and harvest, I walked into my grow room 6X6 4 plants,, and no skunk smell "gone" so I waited a few more days and decided to harvest (no Flush) dried for several days and still no skunk smell (smells like straw) all during the grow and flowering I always had that wonderful aroma, not blaming the plant Im sure I missed a step twords the end
newbie trying train wreck...
waiting for 5 little ones, read and understand how to get them to hatch,
planning on enjoying the garden outside this summer..
have had lots of success limited times I used clones
after hatching just place in good soil of my choice and be attentive re watering, and let nature do it's thing..??
not sure of proper protocall but here goes,
I ordered 5 seeds to arrive a few days from now, plan is to cup of water, paper towels, then i'm sketchy regarding transferring them to soil, planning on temp in a small container in house then out back in garden with good soil
clones used in previous years had done good so hoping the seed route does too
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