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Hi FUbar,
I have seen a ebb and flow system in a shower, with the tops scrog or sog and had a great outcome.
All this mumbo jumbo will make more sense as you go along on the grow. I know that it is great to learn from others experiences and I have, but I definitley know now that more things make sense to me as I have met new growth stages or probs.
Remember to think "Outside the box" for new ideas for growing tools and supplies. Lowes can be your best friend if you want to improvise. As you become more experienced you may want the $$$ systems, who doesnt, but learning the grow will give you the best knowledge of all. Your Experience.


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The nutes freddie mentions are alright. the more bottles to mix together the easier it is to screw things up though. i use pure blend pro. it's one bottle for vegetive and one bottle for flower. The thrive alive freddie mentions sucks in flower and will hurt your yield more than help it. use it during veg only 1 drop per gallon. It's full of hormones and B-1. I've seen it keep a plant from flowering and I've seen it cause a 8 week flowering strain take 13 weeks and it still wasn't ready. The hormones are too unpredictable for flower. Some never seem to have a problem and others are trashing their grows with it. better safe than sorry.
Personally for a first grow i would never recommend that someone trys hydro. things happen too fast with hydro for those who have no idea what they are doing. usually by the time you see you have a problem it's too late to fix and your stressing trying to save your harvest over enjoying your grow. Dirt/soil is easier, more forgiving and gives one a little time to fix problems before it's too late. I always recommend that new growers go with soil for the first grow. learn how to grow, feed and harvest and then try hydro if you still want to.
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