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First Time Growing Anything


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Hey whats up forum folks!!!
Its my first time growing ANYTHING and could use some advice from some people with experience.
So I germinated a single seed and threw it in some standard soil and stuck it in my kitchen window with my wifes orchids. I completely forgot about it and my wife was watering it when she watered her other plants. About 3 weeks later I came home and noticed the pant had grown about 8 inches tall and already had 9 leaves on it! It hadnt been outside at all so the stem was a little flimsy so I treated some soil in my old raspberry patch with some regular top soil and (dont laugh) some sheep and peat fertilizer. Its been out there about a week and is showing new growth which is good I guess.
Since transplanting the plant I started doing some research on how to grow and started 3 more plants.
The seedling are about a week and a half old and my bigger one is about a month old.
I am gonna try 2 different methods of fertilizing just to have fun with it, tell me what ya think.
Today I started using Age Old GROW on the older plant (1/2 strength) and plan on using it once a week until it gets bigger (hopefully)
For the 3 seedlings Im gonna wait about 3 weeks before transplanting into 5 gallon buckets containing -------'s Supersoil mixture.

How much and how frequently should I be watering the bigger plant and the 3 seedlings?
I have read that I should transplant directly into super soil mixture but instead mix the supersoil with regular soil so it isnt so powerful at first, is this true?

Sorry for the long thread. Any advice or answers will be much appreciated! Thanks in advance.

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They didn't stretch a lot and they look healthy. As was said, water when it's dry. In full sun you're good watering every 4-5 days.
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