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First Time Growing Ideas


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Hello, first time growing. Im looking for suggestions and personal experiences regarding the most efficient way to grow me some buds.

I've heard of different ways that all have great yields. Should i take the Veg for 8 weeks then flower route or perhaps veg for 2 day then straight to flowering stage?

The below video is an example of the '2 day veg'
-->Smaller plants still in veg cycle are planted at about a week or 2 old from seed (could also be clones) into bigger pots then a soccer net style cross pattern of string is strung horizontal to support the bud. You end up with short plants but big bud.

Skip to 5 minutes of the video


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ok make sure you keep a grow journel mate it will be an interesting read :) .p.s is the guy in the video using a hydrophonic setup ?


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What do u mean 2 day veggie and then flowering ?
That makes no sense. These are all clones in the video , and done by a very good grower. as to maintain clones is not an easy task and he got all of them to survive that means he has lots of growing under his belt.

ALL weed plants from seed to sprout need 4-5 weeks of veggie regardless of what u do , u can not start to make them flower until they r done doing the veggie state . Which is normally around 4-5 weeks . Then u would need to flower for around 1 n half to 2 months . depending on how big and potent u want ur buds.

PS. u can veggie for as long as u want , just depends on ur space. Ive seen people veggie for 6 months then flower for 2-3 months and only during the really cold winter months is when they dont grow LOL


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That was a great video ...... but the music was absolutely horrible
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