First time growing needing some pointers


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I've been :bongrip: smoking 4 some time and decide to grow a plant for myself. It my first time growing and I don't have a clue on what to do. I have the seeds but not sure what type of lamp or dirt to use. If any one has any pointers to help a fellow smoker please drop a line. Thanks in advance. And to everyone reading this keep smoking and pass the light. Later . Peace:Rasta:
ok first off man...if your a begginer...your gonna need step by step instructions.

1- germinate your seeds.

place them between a damp paper towel and put in an old dvd case and set aside somewhere reasonably warm...check them everyday for they shall be done 1-2 days..make sure the towel stays damp, NOT soaking wet

2- your going to need a light...since you are a begginer i suggest you use other words flourescent lights..use daylight cfls for the vegitative stage and use soft white cfls for flowering

3- your gonna need to have a light schedual..i suggest 18-6 during flowering, meaning 18 hours of light and 6 hours of dark...and to put your plant into flower you switch the lights from 18-6 to 12-12 once your in flowering you need to keep your lights on at all the right time or your plants can go into shock

4- your gonna need some dirt..i suggest using organic soil...NOT miracle grow the shit sucks
NOT miracle grow the shit sucks
What about the new Miracle Grow Organic that's out there now? There's a bunch of peeps here that would disagree with you on the Miracle Grow. Personally I use Fox Farms or Black Gold organic.
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