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First Time Growing Some Mighty Fine

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Hello Cannabis world,
You know the drill no need to be redundant.

Today I started my indoor grow box. Bought an end table sort of thing that has 2 doors for $10. For the sake of letting the plants grow as tall as possible I made it on the side. I plan to use small hole chicken wire to stop the plant from growing too tall. I was thrifty and found that Walmart has the light reflectors for your wind shield on sale for $3. So, that is the inside lining. I am going to paint the far back wall white once I have made all the holes. I do have a 3 in 1 meter to monitor PH , light, and moisture. I have always used the pick up, pinky finger 1 inch deep method for herbs and flowers in the past but that is not an exact science so I will try the meter method.

Tomorrow, the goal is to go, on the down low of course, retrieve my light sources from storage at my parents house. then I plan to use CFL's. I am using CFL's because my friend and grow partner is using led's and we are going to compare results at the end. So far I am not sure if I will use a carbon filter, it is not needed at this pont so i will cross that bridge later. But, certainly an intake and exhaust fan. Soil I will be using is fox farm ocean, I know some criticize that it may fry young plants, but live and learn my friends.

At this point I have the seeds germinating in a zip lock bag, wrapped in moist paper towels under the bed, I will leave them alone until Monday or so. Hopefully they sprout.

I will send get pictures of the grow box to be uploaded to the computer tomorrow and post grow box 1.0.
another great diy grow box . i started all my seeds in ff ocean forrest and they have all done fine . i suggest u add perlite to the mix to help with draining.
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Thanks! Looking at our local nursery they have the perlite at a good price thanks for the advice. I was thinking about mixing in some of the soil from my compost pile with the ocean forest with one of the 2 plants I am going to attempt on the first run. I was thinking this may offset the intensity of the soil during the insertion phase after the seeds germinate... Thoughts? The pH of the compost is just below or right around 7.
i would wash the perlite and soak it for 24 hrs before adding it in . most people who use fox farm soils add more perlite . be sure to pour it close to the container with no fan on .. that crap is dusty as hell and u don't wanna breath it in.
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A fellow cabinet grower :)
I'm interested to see how a grow in such a small space performs as I've got some similar spaces I'd like to utilise in the future.
It is certainly going to take some finesse and smart trimming but I am excited to see as well.

The biggest problem I envision so far is getting everything im there and growing more than one plant. I put 2 of the 4 CFL's I am going to use in there so far and I am re thinking my initial design. But, I am still early in the process of finishing the box so that's OK.

Right now I am using natural white light cfl's 100 watt each 1450 lumens 6500k. Since my grow partner is trying the color lights I am going to use the white this grow.
Yeah the white light is what you want at this stage; the warm white (yellowish light) is for when you start flowering. Have you got photos of the light fittings, pots etc?
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The bowl of water is for humidity just experimenting to see if it would actually help... Yes i might Mount the power strip on the outside and yes I will Mount it I had another fixture I was going to Mount them together but it didn't work out so i will work on another plan tonight and implement it tomorrow
I'd say try to keep the power strip outside and thread the cable for the lights and a circulation fan in through one of the corners. try and daisy chain the lights so that they only need one plug into the timer, that way the lights can be on the timer and the fan on constantly. a small desk fan or even a computer fan will do rightly for circulation.

dump the water bowl, you only need humidity for clones. if you want to moisten the seedlings, foliar spray just as the lights go off.
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Oh OK thanks for the tip on the humidity... Yes I am more than likely going with the computer fan and run them seperatly from the timer like you suggested. Should be planting soon.
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Finishing up the box tonight and tomorrow morning. Attaching pictures of the sprouts being fostered by TrplJacks and my badass guardian who starts duty tomorrow.

There's a tutorial somewhere in the stickies on how to do photos. In this case, it looks like you've got "thumbnails" selected in the drop down menu on the "my photos" tab. Might wanna look to that :)

Also, your username suggests you're in the navy, on deck lion, are ya?
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Thanks man... No it was my poker name when I played for money in early college. Phil Helmuth classifies player types by animals and when I was playing I was described as an up and coming lion and I am a huge baseball fan so I made it as the next great lion.
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It doesn't give me the option to change it from thumbnail trpljacks looked at it too i don't know this forum hates me lately I haven't been doing anything differently than when I uploaded the first grow box pics and they are huge