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Hello! Thanks to the community for everything I’ve learned in all the threads I’ve read, bookmarked, and never posted in; I’m viewer only no longer

I did one grow in a bubble bucket system in undergrad nearly 10 years ago, and am now a homeowner with a fiancé who’s been on me for months to start defraying our largest recurring expense.

Some things change, others stay the same

Anyways, I know just enough to likely be a danger to the poor girls, so figured I’d come on here to find some aunts and uncles who’ll let me know what I’m doing wrong if/when they get finnicky; and/or just any tips to help me get the most out of my resources


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Plants have been moved about a bit, but here’s a photo a day since I got them.

I think I gave them too much water and nutrients off the bat, then too much light (using a PARFACTWORKS 500W CREE COB Full Spectrum LED Grow Lamp)

But think they seem happier now with the yellow on and blurple off and watering every other day.

Using the sensei grow ph balanced a and b nutes, was at 2ml/L but think I started that early so pulled back to 1.












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Yesterday and this morning

Edit: Oh! And top left is GG#4xDosido, bottom left is Sled Dawg, next two top and bottom are northern lights, and the three on the right are Donny Burger. Was going to maybe keep one of each as a mother, and just start the three duplicates as a first wave in the flower tent before too long (though I really want to try the Gg4xDosido, so may just start a clone as a mother. Have never kept a mother before, or cut clones, so lots of firsts in store)


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