First Time Indoor Grow! Multi Strain

Since you are using 5 gal DWC buckets I would toss the mixture and start over and double check your measurements before you add it. ALSO, just because you have a 5 gal bucket doesn't mean there is 5 gallons of water in there. Remember, deduct the 25 PPM of your water and check the PPM right after you add the nutes but BEFORE you add the PH down or up which ever you have to adjust.

I have 7 5gallon buckets connected and flowing together. I mix up 30 gallons of nutes at a time for a system change. I'm not that worried about it. I mixed up a batch and the ppms are like 150-200 over what Corey said they should be but the plantations seem to be ok so ill see if it works out the same way on my next res change. I dont really wanna waste 30 gallons of nutes.
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I'll have an update with pics coming tonight its the end of week two on the afghan. And I scored some seeds from Spain so ill show you all the goods later.
Nice, wish I could figure out how to fix mine. People have tried to show me but I still don't know what I am doing wrong. Sorry I didn't get back to you with directions on the calmag but I see someone helped you out. Has there been any improvement? I still give my plants calmag even when there isn't anymore problems. Seems to work for me but I am not doing dwc as you are.
Things look great. Your setup is impressive. Do you do anything to cool your water?

Thank you that means a lot. Being as this is my first hydro try, and I built all this stuff just by reading and mixing and matching with what I had.

As far as cooling the water no I dont do anything. When I started the guy at the hydro store i go to said if it was cool to the touch I would be good till I could get a meter. I didn't have a thermometer but my ppm meter I got reads temp so I checked and its 68-70. So im gonna leave it for now I'm sure in summer ill have to do somthing about it.
Ok here is my update as promised.

It is the end of week two for my afghan and I am having some curling/cupping leaves.
My ppms are a bit out of wack, and my light may have been a little to close.
So i raised the light a bit and i am going to do a res change tomo.
Here are the pics.


Afghan kush day 14 flower


Afghan day 14 flower


Afghan day 14 flower


Afghan day 14 flower


White widow 1&2 #1 is the right #2 the left and of week 1 flower not much hapening but a bunch of stretching.


WW 1&2 WW1 right WW2 left day 7 flower

Well that's the flower side. I'll post an update of the veg side tomorrow after the res change.

Thanks everyone for all your help.
Thanks smokz what you think about the leave cup/curl?
Light to close?

Funny you should ask... I have had the same issue with a certain sativa (bag) I grow. No matter what media I have used, it has done the same. Even on OC+ vs other fert, CFL vs HID. Beautiful dark green color and sticky the leaves are, but I have yet to discover why. Doesn't seem to effect the bud that I can tell. Too much N is my only suspect to date. Got one in flower now.

Genetic? Unknown
White widow 1&2 #1 is the right #2 the left and of week 1 flower not much hapening but a bunch of stretching.
Whats good Fishon503,

I had White Widow on my very first grow, it stretches around double it's size from the point that you flipped it.

Whats the best way to do that without disrupting flower, my lights are on at night.
Nothing really now that your in flower. If you have it set for night light, you will not be able to set it outside obviously due to it's night... LOL, but next grow you do, you really should consider having the light during the day, when using CFL it is great to set the plant in the direct sunlight, inside the house of course, to get the higher amount of lumens. I just recently did this on my most recent harvest of my GDP.

Hey thanks Astonr I thought a lot about when to have lights on. I landed on at night because it is very cool in my room at night so having the lights on at night keeps a nice temp. If they were off it would get to cold. I might do it different in summer or once I get the right heater and or a/c.
And I don't use clfs I use 2 400 watt metal halide for veg and a 1000 watt hps for flower.

As far as using sun light that comes in the house that does work to add lumens I have finished outdoor plants that had to be brought inside for one reason or another in direct indoor sunlight and it worked ok.
Ok I have some fresh photos from the flower room. Sorry I took so long I was having some trouble with the upload the last couple of days.
So these are all pics of my 1 afghan kush plant on days 21 and 22 of flower.






I have good tric production going on now ill try and ger some more pics of that.
I'm so excited she is starting to stink and its got me drooling.

Ps. I also am still having some powder mildew problems, and am starting to worry about my yeild. I know I need sns but I can't afford anything right now, so I am entering a nice nug in the nug of the month contest.
Ok so I have a pic update, and even though is seems like no one really cares I gave Corey my word I would do a BPN journal. And I am a man of my word so I'm gonna keep posting updates. I really like the results that I am seeing with the BPN three part with the bloom booster.
These are a couple pics of afghan kush on day 33 of flower.



I will have an update on the rest of the flowering plants in a couple days.
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