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First time indoor grow Nutrient problem or is it a ph problem


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Im new here so bear with me as I posted this before but I guess in the wrong place.
I am an avid outdoor grower in the northeast with much success so I figured Id try my hand at the indoor world

I am growing 5- lemon Skunk, 1 great white shark, 1 cheese, 1 white rhino and 1 super silver haze.
My room is 10x8 ft with a framed area for veg equal to 24 sq ft approx 6x4 ft and a flowering area equal to
24 sq ft also apprx 6x4 ft.
I use 1-400 watt hps for flowering with 12 -23 watt cfls for additional lighting within 2 home made deflectors
20 inches by 30 inches.
the temp in my room is a consistent 75 degrees
Humidity flux between 45 and 55 %.
I am growing in roots 707
also using general organics bio thrive bloom,ca/mg,and bloom enhancer for flowering
my water ph out of the well is 6.5
after mixing nutes i adjust to between 6.3+6.5
I have a homemade energy recovery unit that I use as a air exchanger which
changes the air in my room every hr
I started all of my plants under 30- 23 watt cfls for 4 weeks then moved them to
a 400 watt metal halide for 2 weeks
I water or fert 2 times weekly with foliage feeding every other week.
They all looked fine grew nicely dark green lush and healthy.
I am at the end of the transition week from veg to flower and have noticed the bud sites are a
much brighter shade of green (not quite yellow but close) As an out door guy I normally would
add a little more nitrogen every other week to cure this ( flushing is much easier to do outdoors)
Before I use my usual approach I just thought I would ask the question here as there is so much knowledge
flushing indoors is no fun at all so Im trying to approach this with caution my ladies still
look healthy but Im worried if I do nothing I could lose em and if I do the wrong thing I could lose em
HOPEFULLY Ive explained this correctly and gave enough information if not feel free
to ask for more Thanks for taking a look at my post and Have a great Day:thumb:


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nitrogen will cause your leaves to fold backward...yellowing is normal on the light side..I would recommend at least a 600 watt bulb..it will give you almost twice the power....400 watts 50,000 lumens ,600 watt up to 105,000 lumens..big difference in bud density..remember we are not outside and the rules are different ..I have also done both for many years..but for ..what you think is a nitrogen problem....just give them plain water for a while..flushing is for hydroponics...soil you just feed water for the last 2 weeks..is what i do and I have the best weed I ever smoked..good luck ..and dont be afraid to try new stuff...someone has to move forward in this game...everything evolves.If you let it..
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