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First time LED grow, please help


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Hi all,
Here is my set-up for my first grow that I'm about to start, please help with a few question?
1) Strain: White Widow Feminized
2) Mix: Promix with OC+ as Nutes
3) Set-up: 3x3 Tent, 5 gallon buckets, growing 4-5 plants. Lights are Mike's LED 300 (growledhyrdro.com)

a) Distance: For those who've used these lights, how far should lights be for seedlings? When do I move them further away and what should they be at for veg? Finally, what distance for flowering?
b) Promix: I'm going to use just Promix, do I need to think about adding anything else to my mixture? I'd rather not if I can get away with it.
c) OC+: I'm just going to add OC+ and Promix and throw my seedlings in this mixture for entire grow. It seems like this is fine (including for seedlings). Yes?

Lastly, I've had my set-up since November of last year and couldnt get around to starting due to a few reasons. Does Promix or organic soil in general "go bad"? It's still in the original bag and been in my basement for all these months.

Thanks so much for your help.
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