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First time mainlining and I need help already

I have 3 NL's and 2 Great White Shark's that I decided to try mainlining.Cut the stem last week and topped down to the third node on both sides.Now I'm supposed to wait for 4 nodes to grow out but I only see 2.I have pictures but I'm working on how to go about posting them.

Now the way I understand it is if I top the 2 nodes I see that'll give me 4 nodes and then top the 4 to create 8 main cola's.Or am I way off course?


When I did this method It is quite simple but kinda confusing. When your set of branches grow out it will be just like the stalk, you will get more nodes. YOu wait till it grows 4 nodes. It will get there just wait. Then you top those 2 stalks and cut the middle 2 stalks off. This will leave you with 4 plus the 2 off the top of the plant. So you will have 10 branches. JUst make sure that you have 9 stalks. 4 on each branch and the main stalk so 9. Anything after that is really pointless.

However on my last grow I found that only 7 stalks really mattered, I had one stalk on each plant that got over whelmed and didn't grow much, the others took over. I am about to do another grow doing the same method and only leaving 7 nodes to see what happened.

I hope this answers your question.
Thanks for replying and after looking at my plants a little closer today,I can see where the 4 nodes are.
I'm really looking forward to see just what kind of yields I get with mainlining.I've tried LST on one plant last year and that alone doubled what I got from a plant that didn't get any LST.


I did the mainlining my last grow which turned out amazine. I Used a 1000W with Coco and canna nuits. I got 26oz out of 9 plants in a 4x4 tent. It was insane. I am just starting my 2nd time doing mainlining however time time I am using hempy buckets with Coco. JUst so I dont have to water everyday. I hope it doesnt affect the yeild. We will see. Good luck on your grow whatayawant :Namaste:
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