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First time on here


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Hey all,

I've been reading through the forums here on and off for awhile and decided to finally join.

I'm not somebody that smokes a lot, or even weekly. Really my "habits" if it can even be called that is really random and sporadic. I could be in a room with some friends and they'll have what they call "high quality" stuff going around and I don't even want to touch it, and then six months later randomly just feel like lighting one up. I don't know, guess I'm just weird lol!

I'm also currently in the process of trying either A.) Find a new, better paying job so I can move to Brooklyn, New York or B.) Find a job in Brooklyn already. It's been an unlucky search so far but I'm hoping to be moved out there by or before my 20th birthday in December. The only thing stopping me to go work in the plants is I'm going to have to wait about 90 days or so and cut my hair since I took like, 4 or 5 hits last Sunday with some friends in Baton Rouge when we were making music and that is now in my hair follicles. So I'm trying to find some kind of job that will pay $10 or more an hour that won't require a hair follicle test and somehow find a way out to Brooklyn but, yeah I know, good luck with that huh?

Anyway, hoping to be on here and interacting with the community and make some friends!


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Hi Joe985 welcome to the greatest site for promoting cannabis awareness to end prohibition :420: :welcome:

Thanks for the great introduction. I never realized what a major obstacle testing can be, it's never come up for me. I wish you good luck on your search and I hope you find a place where testing is not an issue. :)

There is a huge amount of information here and I recommend checking out New Member Start Links as it includes all the tips in one place for using and navigating the site.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask either in one of the topic forums or in FAQs where some of the answers may already be lurking.



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Thanks guys, the information is certainly helpful! I'll also be searching the forums for any info on jobs that don't test but still pay good. And thanks for the tip about UPS MikeTbob, most people I know keep suggesting being a waiter since they can make good money off of tips but I've been in the food service industry since I was 14, I'm currently 19 so I'm sure you can understand my eagerness to leave the food industry ASAP!
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