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First time SCROG,need some basic help


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So im planning to scrog,I have my screen made and its 6x4 ft size,3.5in holes,have 10BB seeds,400+600w hps,will veg under 400w and switch to both for flower,need some basic help from someone who scroged before,I was thinking :
1.How many plants to scrog under? I was thinking about 8.
2.Is this screen enough? I was thinking about raising corners to the top so corners get more light and I win few inches space too..But as I read from tutorials like this one :
So as he says for scrog and 1000w hps 4.4ft x 4.5ft is perfect,so should I raise the corners up and go with some more space and light on sides or just do it simply like the way it is and dont bother myself for a first grow?
3.About how many toppings I should go for on each plant? Or dont top at all?
Thank you,really,everything would be helpfull,its my first scrog so you know im all cautious like with a little baby in my hands haha.

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Ok as far as how many plants to put under a scrog that all depends on how you grow the plant. By that I mean topping fimming or tie down also on how long you plan to veg and the size pots you will use. Most 5x5 you can do 4 plants with 5 gallon pots veg for 2-2 1/2 month no problem. I am doing a scrog now. One plant only. In 7 gallon soil using a 5x5 net. I am at three month veg right now and about 2-3 more months to go. One thing to think about and I never see scrog guys talking about is using side lights. I have used side lights for may years and they are way worth using. For two reasons. First reason is a no brainier it helps lower bug growth. The second main reason is it helps the plant to grow outward towards the lights witch makes it way easier to scrog.
Now for the topping part. I like to top two times And then tie them down and out. If you would like click on my scrog 5x5 link and look at my scrogged Train Wreck. I hope something I said and do helps. You have more ? just ask away I will help anyway I can. Happy Growing to you
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