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First time setting up a grow room


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Hello Everyone.

I'm planning to setup my first grow room and thought I'd ask for recommendations in here about the dos and don'ts

First thing is getting all the right parts and pieces to get a good and healthy harvest.

I found the following items and was wondering what you guys all think. I picked everything from amazon based on feedback and ratings.

1x VenTech IF6B 6" Inline Duct Fan 440 CFM by VenTech $75
1 x Dundas Jafine AF625ULPZW Aluminum Foil UL Listed and Marked Duct, 6-Inches by 25-Feet by Dundas Jafine $20
2 x
iPower GLSETX600DHMAC6 600-Watt Light Digital Dimmable System for Plants - Air Cooled Hood Set by iPower Grow Light $205 each
1 x VenTech IF6CF620 6" Inline Duct Fan 440 CFM w/ Virgin Charcoal Carbon Filter Combo by VenTech $130
1 x AcuRite 00613A1 Indoor Humidity Monitor by Chaney Instruments $10
1 x Earth Worth 96"X48"X78" Mylar Hydro Shanty Hydroponics Indoor Grow Tent - Earth Worth Quality at an Affordable Price! by Earth Worth $210

I'll setup the tent in my garage, I'm thinking I may need an AC unit since it gets pretty hot here in SoCal.

Now my questions are..
Does the above look reasonable priced ?
Is there any other hardware I should get ?
How many plants can I fit in this space ? I'd like to start with at least 30 clones
I'm hoping I can raise it slightly from my garage flow so I can most of my pest control from the outside of my tent. Is this the way to go ? I'd like to keep everything 100% organic, I'll get to all the fertilizer etc later :)

devils letuce

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hey man welcome to :420:

that tent is a beast with lots of room . :thumb: depending on the light u use u can grow quite a few plants in there .

i seen the same kit your wanting to buy for $166 on amazon a few mins ago. be careful cause from what i read the ballast comes with no warranty .


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Looks good to me my friend, I would first check our sponsor page (in !y SIG) and see if anybody who sponsors this may has what your looking fore. A lot of the! Offer 5/10% discount for 420mag customers.
Looks like you got your head in the right place and you know exactly what your after.

Like you said, Your probably gonna need an A/C even though its winter if its as hit by you as I think it is.


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That stuff looks reasonable, its on the cheaper end but that may mean nothing in the end. For other hardware, I forsee you needing a light filter for the exhaust fan; for that, get black pantyhose (at least 2, I use 4), cut them down the middle so they are rectangular, fold them over once the longest way to make a square, use flat head pins/push pins to secure the pantyhose to a piece of cardboard with a hole the size of your ducting, use super glue on the pointy end of pins so they wont pull back through the cardboard, then duct tape it up to seal it to your ducting and bam, an easy light filter.
Is the 2nd fan for cooling your lights, or for an active intake?

6 regular plants would fit in there if you can easily get to them all for waterings/feedings, etc. SCROG may work very well if you have lots of room to move stuff around and set up equipment, pictures would help here. 30 clones would fit I think, but I honestly don't know/can't tell.

Temps and humidity are always the hardest problem for me. With my 600W light on, my room is 84F with 30% RH without any aid at all. A 1.3 gallon humidifier brought it down to a constant 79-80F with 44% RH. Just don't underestimate the heat released by a 600W bulb, plan on getting an A/C or evaporative cooler, whichever works better.
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