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First Timer! - Bag Seed - Amnesia Auto & Columbian Gold - CFL - Grow


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Hey, what's up everyone?

I am starting a new grow and it's my first one. I am beyond excited.

I rigged up 8 CFL bulbs - attached them to one 3 light bathroom vanity, each slot has a Y-splitter in it to hold 2 bulbs each and 2 lamps. I have 4x 23W Daylight bulbs centralized, 3 42W soft white bulbs and one random 23W soft white CFL I found. Ideally, I'd like everything to be pumping out daylight spectrum but my wife is literally keeping a tally of my spendings (which haven't been too much due to all the DIY).

I have 2 bag seeds that have been germinated. One has produced a seedling with it's first set of leaves. The other (planted 1.5 days ago has not broken the soil just yet). I have one seed of Amnesia auto that is showing signs of germination and will hopefully be planted this evening - the taproot was showing this morning. I have 3 more seeds of Columbian Gold that have not been germinated but are in a moist paper towel fold. I have some White Widow and Purple Kush seeds en route so I figured it would be best to practice instead learning on my favourite strains.

My friend will be giving me all his growing materials soon as he put his op on hold. This means I will have a clone dome, an HID light, Veg florescent lights to give my puppies more lumens! This may happen over the course of this journal so I thought it would be a good time to note it in case it doesn't add up later if you see different equipment.

Any and all tips are welcomed. I'm a noob so please call me out if I am messing up. I have read extensively in hopes to avoid this though :)

My set up - I have attached bulbs at the ends that are missing in the pic.

Grow mama!

Second day ^^^

Zoomed in on second day ^^^

Day 3 ^^^

Tips on how to post pics would be appreciated :thumb:



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re: First timer! Bag Seed - Amnesia Auto & Columbian Gold - CFL Grow

I'm a 1st time farmer also, your girls look good and so fast to pop!.
My bagseeds took almost a week to pop they were so old lol!
But I'm eternally hopeful I will get something usable out of 5.

I couldn't post pics until I had 10 posts I think it was.

Keep up the good work and Cheers!

David Bowman

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re: First timer! Bag Seed - Amnesia Auto & Columbian Gold - CFL Grow

Hi LevinLarge,

I've embedded your photo for you. Personally, I use the "My Photos" button at the bottom left side of the text input window to embed photos in my posts. I hope that helps.

Greenest Regards,
David Bowman


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It's only been a few days since my last update but I've had some things come up...

Firstly, I had another seed sprout up! Woohoo. I now have 2 bagseeds grown into seedlings. The others will be soon to follow, I hope!

I was germinating 3 Columbian Gold (CG) seeds and 1 Amnesia Auto seed. I put the seeds in a paper towel and had a bit too much water and paper towel used which gave them no oxygen. The Amnesia seed opened, showed a small root but stalled growth. The CG seeds didn't open. After a couple days, I came home from work and planted the amnesia seed into soil. I then decided to experiment and planted one CG seed that hadn't germinated. I then put the other 2 CG seeds into a moist (not wet!) paper towel. Within 8 hours a taproot came out of one and I planted it this morning. Lesson learned!

Here are some pics to update you all:

^ The set up with all the lights I am currently using. There are a total of 8 CFL bulbs. 6 Daylight spectrum (23/26W). 2 Soft White (42W)

^ 5 in planters :)

^ First to sprout - About 5/6 days old.

^ 2nd to sprout - very low to the soil. Stretched less than the first. Is that good or bad or neither?

I hope they grow fast as I'm sure cups of soil aren't too fun to look at :thumb:



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My set up was in my (cold) basement and the plants were on the floor. I realized this is a big issue as the soil temp was much below what it should be. I sprung into action this weekend and set up a room that will have ideal temperature as well as a stand to put them on. See pics below:

Here are some pics below of the babies... The two bigger ones are bag seed, so I was thrilled when the newest one popped out of the soil as it is a feminized seed. I had one more Columbian Gold have it's taproot exposed so it has been planted. Still, nothing has popped from the seeds I planted directly into my growing medium after 18 hours in a glass of water. I am doubting those but keeping my patience up as I wait for something.

The oldest plant has a generic growing medium and I think it may have had nutrients in it. The leaves are bright green and there is the slightest bit of brown at the tips. Am I overthinking this?

I think I may have over watered at the start of this process so now I am really taking it easy. I hope I don't end up under watering. I am excited to gain this valuable experience now so it is less of a guessing game later.



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The last one does look over watered or slightly over fed nitrogen wise. I have noticed this with my plants also, where 2 seedlings were undamaged and 2 had burnt tips using the same GH minimal seedling nute recipe on all. Lucky for us its a weed and is tolerant to alot of abuse. Bagseed seems to be more sensitive to excessive nute use from what I read so far. I just FIM and Super Cropped my girls, and my 4 bagseed babies are real nice and dark green. Everything is growing so fast you can literally see the new growth in a day. Amazing what doing a controlled amount of damage and proper nutrient/watering can do for your veg. I water every 3-4 days and feed once a week. Good luck and Cheers!


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Thanks for your reply!

I haven't fed them nutes yet so I think it must be the soil that one is in had some nutrients in it. Thankfully, I bought a bag of quality soil for all the others :)

It also does look over watered! Arg! I tried to flush the soil of it's nutes and I think it may have been slightly counterproductive (because it became over watered). Today is day 5 of no watering for that one... Trying to right the ship before I sink it!


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Check out my grow if you get a chance, and you can see what my babies look like and we can exchange notes.
Looks like you're in about the same time frame as I am on my bagseed babies, I may be a few days ahead but close enough. The link to my grow is in my signature below. Keep up the good fight and Cheers


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Lookin good LL! I just started my second grow alongside my first. 4 of my seeds are 3 days old 1 is 2 days and 2 that were born today. And I just do the glass of water and then I plant them in the soil and I get 100% germination 2 for 2 times so far... So I wouldn't doubt those seeds I think they just might take a little longer to sprout that's all

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Hey everyone! :welcome:

I really appreciate all of you jumping on board! And to anyone else reading, there's always room for more!

ColoradoKid - Thanks man! I think I see one of them about to sprout - this happened a few hours after reading your post. Keep those good vibes coming!

Ok guys, so I've had an issue come up. I am going to post pics but be warned! This is R-Rated stuff due to it's graphic content...

Ok, so one of my seedlings was planted in hot soil. It had light green colour from the start with yellowed tips. I hear that seedlings usually are able to withstand hot soil so I am wondering if it is something else that may have caused this? I have been paranoid about over watering and I think I may have kept it without water too long? This was a bagseed.

For the last picture, you can see that I've pulled out the plant completely. Being on life support, I had the seedling become an organ donor to benefit the future. I was so curious how long the roots would be at this stage. It seems that it went all the way to the bottom. Therefore, I am coming to the conclusion that rather than just keeping the top inch moist with a spray bottle, it is better to just give one deep watering every 3/4 days at this stage. I would LOVE your input on this!

Here are some pics of the 2 sprouted babes:

Bagseed (10 days since breaking soil):

I see the cotyledons are yellowing. Does this mean anything?

You can see the leaves are cupping. It was hot AF here yesterday and I worked hard to get temps down. I guess there's no such thing as a free lunch...

My Columbian Gold sprout (6 days since breaking soil):

I'm putting my eggs in this basket until the 3 other potential pots sprout (feminized). This seedling is feminized.

Any advice here is appreciated. I am hoping my gaffs can serve as a learning experience for other newbies.

Smoke em if you got em!

Lev :Namaste:


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What I did was water soil of sprouted seeds every other day and misted them all at lights on.
I had "hot" soil problems too even using Fox Farms Light Warrior, yellow tips are not the end of the world.
Since I transplanted into next pots with Ocean Forest and mild GH Flora trio nutes they all are doing great!
I guess its just plain water for 2 weeks or so, then go mild for another 2, then let it fly. Just my own way
take it as you will. Cheers & respect!

David Bowman

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Hope all is well in your world.

Is this grow still alive?

We would love to be updated with some pictures and info.

How about posting a 420 Strain Review?

If you need any help with posting photos, please read our Photo Gallery Tutorial.

I am moving this to Abandoned Journals until we get updates.

Sending you lots of love and positive energy.

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