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Grow Journal of the Month: Mar 2021
OK and :welcome: to my first real grow

Starting from cuttings i took last night green house cheese , passion#1 and a bag seed unknown strain cutting ,
have my cuttings in a crap home-made set up for cloning :thumb:
my veg nutes will be home-made , seaweed, nettles, cow parsley , and pony manure

my plants will be indoor out doors depending on weather , if worst comes to worst ill be putting them under a 600w dual spectrum in and outdoor hut

some of my cuttings were struggling today so i put cut plastic bottles over them lol

Any ways here goes could be good , could be short lived

Hope it goes well ,
Good luck every one else


this is what i grew from seed , 3 passion#1 3 geen house cheese , and a strain i dont know but shes a girl as i put her into flower then out again


the two big girls are passion#1 there is one tied down , the few you can see in the back or the cheese and the unknown , i took cuttings of them all last night , then i will let them heal and put them 12/12 in about 10 days


Grow Journal of the Month: Mar 2021
my home-made foliar spray , got seaweed 3 different types , unsure of names but they are the best

washed my seaweed in good ph water to remove salt , chopped up my seaweed into small pieces.
added 5 litres of fresh ph water , added 2.5 ml of molasses give it good stir , add my seaweed stirred again , place an empty bucket on top with a weight , ill stir this every day for the next couple of weeks , , in a day or two ill spray my clones just a little though





Grow Journal of the Month: Mar 2021
cheers , thanks for dropping by , i put the bigger plants into 12/12 today as ive noticed the nights are already getting shorter , i have 3 passion#1 and one random female bag seed in there, i added a 250 w dual spectrum CFL to my conservatory also today to keep my cheese in veg longer , ill just up date here also on every thing , 3 grows in one lol , they will get a good soak with seaweed tomorrow , then ill use biobloom next week , they are under a 600w dual spectrum , in compost i threw together with perlite15 %, clay pebbles 15 and chicken manure , lets see how they go :high-five:


Grow Journal of the Month: Mar 2021
little update morning of day 3, ohh i fogot to mention i have a cutting i took from a friends flowering plant ( try monster crop ) to be honest im trying just about every thing on this thread , from seeds, from cuttings/clones, LST and monster cropping all on a budget , home made nutes , home made humidity domes , sunlight , tap water thats been left out along with caught rain water . cheap compost soil 3 for £10 from asda garage chicken manure from £1 shop , its all do or die , i haven't much to lose really ;) the only real cost will be in flower 12/12 lighting will be 600w dual spectrum


if you look closely you may make out the little flower on bottom picture



Grow Journal of the Month: Mar 2021
hi again . I have moved the 3 passion#1 and the bag seed female to 12/12 hut , they are doing well so far with no problems i just cant veg them any longer they are just getting a bit too big lol , i will soak them tonight with homemade seaweed extract and molasses :MoreNutes:to give them the best start out ,

please keep in touch



Grow Journal of the Month: Mar 2021
update on my 3 greenhouse cheese , I planted these from seed about 6/7 weeks ago , not sure how well they are doing, do you think they are about right or are they slow ???? , ive only been using the sun up until now with a little nettle tea but last night i added a 250w dual spec CFL for couple of hours at night as the nights are getting shorter .. advice would be good .
Today they measure from the the left hand side to the right , 11" 13" tallest being 14.5 inch , i have soaked them in my home-made seaweed and molasses brew , i want to see how far they will grow in a week using my own nutes

Thanks for stopping by



Grow Journal of the Month: Mar 2021
I read a lot about seaweed mate , its lovely stuff , helps plants that are stressed , it has 70 trace elements that ground plants love. my clones rooting in days using it and its free , living by the beach my self is handy lol .... I also use nettles and comfrey , so easy to make up your own nutes , I shall ad you to my friends :high-five:


Grow Journal of the Month: Mar 2021
with the ones i did last week they only needed 6 days or so i knew they rooted as there was new growth, when i took them out of the pots to replant there was 2" to 3 " roots , i think the seaweed really helps them , the cuttings i took this week i tried them out of the dome but they leaned over , it didnt help that i put them outside, sun shock i think , but after an hour under the cfl and in their domes they were standing tall, ill give them to the weekend now after shocking them , i spray the domes inside twice a day and keep the compost damp not soaked ,

Good luck


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Thanks for the reply PS.

I do it a little bit different but our timings and watering perspective sound the same.


I use peat pots, trim the foliage up to the top layer, and keep them in a humid bathroom for up to a week. I watch for significant growth as a sign of root maturity as well. Usually right around a week. Those girls in the pic are on day 3 I think. They are doing well.
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