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First timer need help


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is it bad for the plants or does it intreupt the budding stage if we turned on the bedroom lights for 3 hours to work while the plant are sleeping(lights out). we have PM probelm and we need to spary everything but needs to be done when lights out. also need to trimm all affect area. and spread them out a lil. any advise?? thanks guys. PM got to all plants but not severe yet. using SERENA product.




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When you work on your plants when the lights are off. you should have some green lights on. green light for some reason does not effect the dark cycle. what your doing might make your plants go hermie. how long have you been doing this? if only a day or two you might be ok. keep an eye on your plants look for signs of male sacks. green lights are important to have just incase something like this does happen.
hope this helps out.

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I agree with bucktoothal. Yes, it IS bad to interrupt the 12 hour dark period. This can stress your plants and as buck mentioned (may) cause some to hermie (hermaphrodite) as a result. A green light bulb is your best bet. Why a green bulb? because green light isn't absorbed via chlorophyll in th plant leaves (if I remember correctly). If you dont have a green bulb another option may be to start your treament 30-45mins before lights out. One more option would be to burn/vaporize sulfur per instructions that come with sulfur burner/pellets. Hope this helps some. Check this post out, most of the info you'll need you can find here> PM infestation! 4 weeks from harvest! Help! Good luck.


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You can tell that the leaves don't absorb green light, because they are green. Which means they reflect the green light back at your eyes.


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dark cyle means that. thats a light leak.
i suggest uninterupted darkness.
especially in flower. your risking them to become hermi. or slowing the budding or both.
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