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First timer need info


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Hello to all my freindly growers. Novice grower here need some advice. Only growing outdoors right now. Got my plants to start from seed in miracle grow. I transplanted after I started seeing nute burns on my leaves. I did some research made my own soil mixture for transplant. Miriacle grow had to many nutes and couldnt controll them. Dam time realease nute they suck. So I used a happy grow organic soil with some mushroom composte soil, perlite, ocean peat moss, little bit of lime for ph reasons. I need to know if im on the right track. Also using fish liquid 5.1.1 right now. Plant about 6 weeks old and only got 4to5 sets leaves right now Please help


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OK. Just to give you guys some info in what I've done so far. I started the seeds I had about 6 weeks ago. I started them in mg with time realease. I figured out you can't control the nutes in that soil. They did good for the first 4 weeks. I did some research and figured out some symptos she had. I seen some nute burn going on so I had to transplant from 2.5 gal pots to 5 gal. I bought some happy grow organic soil, mushroom compost, perlite, ocean blue Pete moss. Its been a week since I've watered, we've had a lot of rain lately. I have been checking the ph often. I have not fertilized again since they came out mg soil. Wanted to let it use up its nutes. I am using a fish liquid 5.1.1. Am I on the right track
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Welcome dunc014. Good to have you here. Sounds like you lean toward organics so your soil mix is a good step in that direction. I suggest some worm casings and mycorrhizae too. Organic growers often mix in many ingredients but you have a good start. Outdoors you'll see your plants take off once your weather improves.


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i cant even begin to tell you what went wrong but my plant was that size before the first week was over, some seeds are crappy from the beginning its just the luck of the draw, i think you need to get rid of this one and start again man, it sucks but your wasting time on the plant your growing now

take look at my grow journal, a healthy plant will be noticeably bigger each day


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like literally in 2 weeks time you can have a plant double that size or more..:420:

you should run to go throw that plant away! just know that 9/10 people would've threw that plant out 3 weeks ago

its rained here everyday this week, come up with some kind of DIY GREENHOUSE, i made one with leftover stuff around my house for free and it only took like 15 minutes

the greenhouse i made

picture at 5 weeks

picture at 8 weeks

this plant is only 16 inches tall

find Relaxed Lester and add him as a friend, he knows whatever you need to know for your outdoor grow, he's my go-to-guy if i come across a problem
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