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First Timer need some coco advice

Clorophyl Kid

New Member
Hello everyone. First time grower here looking to hopefully get some help with my watering and feeding in coco. Using the Canna coco line with canna coco using tap water phed down to 6.0 or so. have read people use half RO water and half tap, but i don't have the resoueces for ro water. At least not one readily affordable. So far only used rhizotonic for the youngens out of the dome, but fixing to start up on a and b, but not sure if my water will lock up nutes or what not. have gotten a hold of some humboldt equilibrium and was wondering if this will solve my problem. Any thoughts anyone?Any help would be much appreciated.

Wild Heart

New Member
Pour your tap water into a pot and let it sit for 24 hours this will evaporate the chlorine from the tap water but most likely you wont have to. I have been using tap for a while and no problems but it depends on how good your citys water is.

Clorophyl Kid

New Member
Thanks for quick reply. So is letting the water sit out for a day ROing it. And what about using cal mag, or is that just for ro water method. Understand if you don't know but just thought I'd ask. Kewl beans!

Clorophyl Kid

New Member
So still not sure if what I'm doing is correct. I've got a reservoir now to dilute chlorine in water. Just let it sit for two days. It's day 24 since cloned. Started watering with canna a & b, rhizo, and cannazyme with a little less than half of what is recomended. I also used about a 1/4 teaspoon of Humboldt equilibrium which is call mag. Some of my leaves, mostly on leaves that were there when clones were taken 24 days ago, are yellowing and browning on the tips, with a few brown spots on actual leaves, at least for one plant. Thought maybe it needed some calcium so thats why i gave them the equilibrium. The tips are also crispy, not sure if light is to close. Right now I'm using 2 4 foot flourescents that are 40 watts each and each give off 1900 lumens. They are ge plant and aquarium that i had lying around that were used for a few months years ago. With that i also got 2 245 watt cfls and 3 others varying in wattage(am waiting for my light setup to arrive so don't want to go and buy anymore).Got 13 clones under these lights, 1/2 Himalayan Gold and 1/2 Super Silver haze. Also some of the plants have purple stems shooting off the main stem, Read it may be a potassium deficiency but not sure. Also not sure what i should use for that as well. I figure if they struggle a little maybe it'll make them stronger, but I'm a newby so i don't really know if some of this stuff may hurt them down the line.

For the most part they look pretty good to me. A couple of them look like champs with there new leaf growage. Have them in plastic bottles rigged for clone transplants. Just transplanted 5 days ago and roots are shooting out, You can see them through the bottle, it's pretty kewl. So here is a report from my city and it's water quality. Any help will be much appreciated. Kewl beans!

Davis WTP Ullrich WTP
Parameter Units Method Cd T2,T2H T3
----------------- ----- --------------- ----------- -----------
pH SU SM 4500-H B AVG 9.8 AVG 9.6
MAX 9.8 MAX 9.8
MIN 9.6 MIN 9.5
Total Alkalinity MG/L SM 2320 B AVG 68 AVG 67
MAX 72 MAX 74
MIN 64 MIN 61
Total Hardness MG/L SM 2340 C AVG 95 AVG 93
MAX 100 MAX 100
MIN 91 MIN 88
Total Solids MG/L SM 2540 B AVG 165 AVG 159
MAX 192 MAX 186
MIN 149 MIN 144
Total Chlorine MG/L SM 4500-CL F AVG 2.60 AVG 2.51
Residual MAX 2.75 MAX 2.70
MIN 2.45 MIN 2.35
Sulfate MG/L SM 4500-SO4 E AVG 37.6 AVG 37.8
MAX 39.1 MAX 38.6
MIN 35.9 MIN 37.0
Total Organic MG/L SM 5310 C AVG 2.37 AVG 2.27
Carbon MAX 2.52 MAX 2.35
MIN 2.18 MIN 2.21
Conductivity UMHOS/cm SM 2510 B AVG 287 AVG 279
MAX 288 MAX 282
MIN 286 MIN 276
Total UG/L EPA 524.3 THM AVG 36.0 AVG 30.5
Trihalomethanes MAX 38.7 MAX 33.0
MIN 32.0 MIN 28.3
Turbidity NTU SM 2130 B AVG 0.08 AVG 0.03
MAX 0.12 MAX 0.10
MIN 0.04 MIN 0.03
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